Brazilian telecommunications agency confiscates thousands of illegal goods in Amazon warehouses

The Brazilian telecommunications agency Anatel, which ended on Friday, confiscated thousands of illegal goods in Amazon-controlled warehouses and distribution centers.

iPhone 11 Pro vs. 14 Pro. New features to look out for when waiting for an update

As many customers today choose to upgrade their iPhone every two or three years, there are many iPhone 11 Pro

Nvidia’s budget GeForce GTX 1630 may soon be available on Intel’s Arc GPU

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1630 GPU:Image:: Colorful by Nael Grutter Nvidia will be available soon releasing which is likely to be

Proptech still has fundamental problems for entrepreneurs to solve – TechCrunch

Jake Fingert He is the managing partner of Camber Creek, a strategic venture company that invests in real estate technology

Tesla reportedly does not have enough desks after Musk threatens to fire remote workers

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk ordered part-time workers to return to work or lose their jobsThe company was reportedly ill-prepared

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