15 Best Thanksgiving Cocktail Ideas For The Holiday (2021)

Creating a Thanksgiving holiday takes a lot of time and effort. However, after serving dinner, it is time to relax with a festive drink in hand.

Rather than pumpkin spice latte, we think of delicious cocktails for Thanksgiving. Here are some cocktails that will spice up your holiday party and fill the day with extra flavor. Any of these cocktail ideas will surely be successful, they will taste better when served with your Thanksgiving food.

We do not recommend drinking all of these Thanksgiving drinks overnight, but you will probably want to.

Editor’s note. This article has been updated November 1, 2021Include additional information about Thanksgiving 2021.

The best cocktails for Thanksgiving 2021

Below are the top 15 cocktails we recommend mixing for your friends և family on this Thanksgiving.

1. Apple Pie Sangria:

Sangria is usually in our top 10, but when paired with apple pie-flavored copper cups, we sell. This is the * ideal * cocktail to serve on Thanksgiving Day in a jug.

2. Apple Cider Whiskey Smash:

This is an incredible seasonal version of the classic whiskey cocktail. With just three simple ingredients, you can mix this cocktail throughout the Thanksgiving day craze.

3. Cinnamon maple whiskey acid

Even if whiskey is not your thing, after tasting this Thanksgiving cup, it can become. If your party does not have the traditional cocktail, you * have just * discovered it.

4. Cranberry Margaritas:

Whether cranberry is associated with Christmas, cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving holiday, which is why we had to approve of this pearl. Lime juice և salted edge elevates this cocktail to new heights.

5. Bourbon Spiced Pear cocktail

Who knew that pears were the new “it” taste of the holidays? We are glad to have found it, because we were completely impressed by the combination of sage’s thyme with spices and cinnamon.

6. Salted caramel white Russian

Get ready for this awkward creamy cocktail. You can skip the pies and shoes altogether և just drink this.

7. Cranberry + cinnamon whiskey acid

If you’m in the mood for something sweet, this is your drink. In a four-drink recipe with two cups of cranberries and two cups of sugar, it’s fair to assume you’ll feel it after just a few sips.

8. Slow Cooker Spiced Wine:

This hot drink is in a good mood: hot red wine և brandy in a saucepan with spices, citrus, AKA whole nirvana. Not to mention that you can leave this in a pan with a bucket so that visitors can be served throughout the day.

9. Spiced Cider Pearls

For many, lime pearls are the mainstay of Taco Tuesday, but maybe it’s time to dump her. We believe the answer is YES. Be comfortable in front of the fire with a glass of delicious spiced apple cider vinegar.

10. Apple Cider Mimosas:

We’re not sure what makes breakfast scream better than this. Now you have the perfect drink that you can enjoy while spraying turkey.

11. Salted Caramel Apple Martini

When you serve this to your relatives and friends, the cocktail hour will never be the same. Do you really need caramel vodka or some apple cider vinegar?

12. Apple Cider Mojito Recipe:

Or you may be tempted to skip the important ingredient in this recipe – cinnamon syrup – it’s worth the extra travel to the grocery store if you don’t have one. Also, do not worry. This mojito keeps a lot of fresh mint.

13. Apple Cider Moscow Mule:

Everyone knows that ginger beer makes Moscow mules a real mule. Frankly, what sets this drink apart is the use of a hard apple cider vinegar than a standard apple cider vinegar.

14 Pumpkin Spice Mules:

Chives are much more adaptable than we previously believed, as this version of pumpkin seasoning shows.

15. Pumpkin pie with martini

This sweet cocktail is an ideal drink after dinner. Serve next to your Thanksgiving dessert buffet to taste a real pumpkin pie.

Looking for more holiday drink ideas? Watch this video from Cocktail Vibes YouTube channel.

Thanksgiving’s video on Cocktail Vibes YouTube channel.


Whether you are cooking for two or twenty people, we hope these cocktail ideas will help you relax for a long time, possibly after a stressful vacation.

So what do you think of our list? Let us know in the comments below (we read and respond to each comment). If this article is helpful to you, check out our full cocktail blog. Thanks for reading և Stay tuned.

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