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If you want to try something different with your nails this year, soaking powder may be exactly what you need.

Nail polish remover seems to be the most popular nail technique today. If you have never shot one you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Below I will share everything you need to know about absorbent powder nails, as well as some beautiful designs that you can try with absorbent powder.

What are submerged nails?

Photo of a woman rubbing powder on her nails

If you have been decorating your nails for a long time, you are probably familiar with other types of nails, such as gel acrylic nails. However, we all know that gel acrylic can damage your natural nails, sometimes a lot damage. This is where the nails come in.

Soaked dust nails are said to do less damage nails և can give you the same look you would get from gel or acrylic nails.

Powder powder is applied in several layers. First you apply a base coat, then you dip your nail in the powder, clean the excess. Then you repeat this process. Finally, you apply two coats of “activator” to harden your nails. (The videos below show this process in depth.)

Soaked powder nails also last a long time և can be used long or: short nails. In addition, you can even make beautiful nail designs using nail polish remover.

So the next time you go for a haircut, you should definitely try dusting your nails. (Bonus. You can use them yourself at home.) And do not worry. There are many different colors և styles to choose from for your nails so absorbing dust will not narrow your style.

Just check out this list of nail powder ideas to find your next favorite nail polish look.

Deep Powder Nail Ideas

1. Pink Deep

One of the most common nail colors for powder nails is pink. Deep powder nails look amazing in pink : will give you a girly, but she և clean և stylish look.

So, if you want to make your nails look pretty straightforward using absorbent powder, check out this nail tutorial. That’s the best part you can actually buy this collection to make these nails at home.

2. Glitter accent

Of course, you can also make different nail styles using dipping powder. One of the most popular nail styles is the augmentation emphasis on the nail. Adding accentuated nails will make your nails stand out և it is actually very easy to do.

All you need is a different color of nail polish on one of your fingers, like a glossy nail polish for your accent nail.

For a detailed guide, this video tutorial will show you how to get the look of shiny accent nails in beautiful pink-white colors using a powder.

3. French tip

If you want to get the perfect look for your nails using the powder, I recommend doing so nails with a French tip.

You might think that nails with a French tip are hard to get through the powder, but in reality it is quite easy. Just look at this quick tutorial to see how to get the look.

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4. Color Ombre

Ombre nails they are also a very common nail style, you can still make this nail style using absorbent powder. To make it even more fun, I recommend going for a colorful look, especially if you want trendy nails.

Watch this quick video tutorial to see exactly how to get colored ombre nails with powder.

5. Multicolored nails

If you try soak powdered nails at homeI recommend buying a suction powder collection rather than buying the products separately.

Buying a set of powders shown in this tutorial will also give you several nail color options. (This is what they use in the video.)

This nail collection is perfect if you want to try a multi-colored nail trend, as shown in the video tutorial.

6. Mint Green:

Another popular nail color is soaking powder mint green! You may have never tried mint green nails before, but if you are thinking about powder nails, I recommend trying this color.

He! Green nails have recently become popularso your nails will look trendy too.

7. With natural extension

If you like to lengthen your nails, do not worry because You can still get your favorite long nails with absorbent powder և with added extension.

If you are planning to add extensions և you want a more natural look to your nails, I recommend trying the natural nail powder look shown in this video tutorial.

8. Neon French tip

Colorful French tips They are a great option for those of us who want to look trendy on our nails. And do not worry, you can still get the look of the powder shown in this video.

After watching this tutorial, you can try the idea of ​​this fresh neon powder nail polish.

9. Purple Glam

If you want a super glam look using absorbent powder, this is one to try. Did you know that you can add rhinestones to nail powder?

You can also add some glitter to make your nails stand out even more. This tutorial shows you how to do this.

10. Colorful Accent Nail:

If you want to go to: Colorful accent nails lookApply a few different colors of powder to create the accent look you want.

For example, you can try the look of this purple ար orange nail as shown in this tutorial. The contrast is so beautiful: unexpected.

11. Glitter

If you like gloss, I recommend doing it nails all shine in the dust as shown in this video tutorial.

If you want to make your life easier և save yourself some money, you can get a look like absorbent powder buying this nail collection which will provide you with the perfect shiny powder nails at a very reasonable price.

12. Baby Boomer:

You may not have heard of such nails before, but baby boomer nails They are growing in popularity right now.

These nails are basically the same as the French ombre nails that you have probably seen many times, usually coffin or a square egg. These are the perfect type of nails if you want a natural, stylish look, but you want something different than French nails.

And the great thing about soaking powder is that it makes perfect baby boomers or French ombre nails. Just look at this tutorial to see all the details on how to get the look.

13. Minimal blue design

If you want to try nail polish remover but you also want to add a cool design to your nails, do not worry as you can.

This is one of the design trends that you have probably seen a lot lately abstract nail design. And it’s a great idea for nail polish remover. So, if you want to look trendy in nails using absorbent powder, I would recommend trying this cool white look.

This is a great nail design that you can do using absorbent powder, even if you are a beginner when it comes to nail art.

14. Natural

If you like it Natural look of nails without extension added to your nail, it can be done with soaking powder.

Deep powder looks good on nails of any length, so even if you do not like to add extensions to your nails, you can still get a beautiful long nail look.

To learn how to get the natural look of your nails using absorbent powder, check out this nail tutorial.

15. Shine in the dark

This next nail design is perfect for parties, Halloween or fun nights nails shining in the dark! Glossy nails in the dark are a great way to try if you really want your nails to stand out.

And, loose dust can give you shiny nails in the dark that you will be obsessed with. For example, watch this quick video tutorial to see how to get neon green shiny nails.

16. Marble

Marble nails Here’s another option you can consider for your next nail polish remover. But since marble nails are a more complex type of nail polish, you may be wondering if it is even possible to achieve such a look using absorbent powder. Good news. That’s right.

If you want to learn exactly how to get the look of marbled nails, watch this video tutorial that will show you how to get the look of these beautiful blue ուշ purple marble nails.

17. Gold foil

If you want a finer nail polish to try on your nails next time, I recommend trying this The appearance of gold foil soaking powder nails.

The great thing about the look of these nails is that you can get the look no matter how long your nails are. Just make sure you have the base color of the nails with the dipper և add as much gold foil as you want.

Which of these nail powder ideas will you try this year?

What’s your favorite nail polish color? What kind of dusty nails do you like to wear?

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