19 most creamy և ricotta cheese և dream recipes

Ricotta cheese is a necessary part of life, by which I mean the necessary ingredient of lasagna, and lasagna is life. But we seldom sing ricotta praises, as college students do about burata after studying abroad for three months in Italy, or how we were obsessed with feta blocks at TikTok.

Ricotta’s long-overdue opportunity is now in the spotlight. We have 19 recipes ranging from two homemade ricotta recipes (one for the oven, the other for your Instant boiler), moving to ricotta toasts, Pasta:, pizzaև: pancakes.

1. Creamy homemade ricotta

Let’s start with the basics: homemade ricotta cheese. Think about the rhymes of your kindergarten. Three types of dairy products: whole milk, heavy cream և buttermilk, cooked together to make cottage cheese (same as fresh ricotta). Squeeze the cottage cheese on the gauze to remove the whey. The longer you let it dry, the harder it will be (leave more whey for more creamy ricotta). Emma Lapperuk, food editor, recommends drinking whey on ice.

2. Ricotta toast

Now that you’ve made fresh ricotta, it ‘s time to taste it. Of course, you can eat it with a spoon, but it is better to spread it on thick layers of brooch. If the ricotta is too thick, mix it with a little thick cream to make it even more spreadable.

3. Super-Fluffy Lemon Ricotta Pancakes:

I wonder how to get it soft, cloudy cookies? Ricotta, of course. “Cheese and lemon cakes mean they’re less sweet, so you can stock up on all your favorite toppings (like maple syrup, fresh berries, powdered sugar),” writes recipe developer Elaine Lem.

4. Ricotta Spoonable:

The idea of ​​Ricotta spoonable is that you can take it out of the fridge at any time, put it on the table, and have a snack right away. The author of the cookbook, Dorie Greenspan (who needs almost no introduction) mixes ricotta with whole milk with lots of chopped herbs based on the season, the taste of freshly grated lemon, olive oil, lots of salt and pepper.

5. Cheese, meaty lasagna

You can not have lasagna without ricotta cheese (sorry). Mix fresh ricotta with a whole glass of grated parmesan, finely chopped garlic and salt, then spread it on homemade ragout noodles.

6. Personal white pizza without yeast dough

My new dinner of the week is this 10 minute pizza (yes, just 10 minutes without yeast) filled with mozzarella, parmesan ricotta, garlic and red pepper flakes. .

7. Grandma DiLaura’s Italian Ricotta Nocchi

Here’s what New York is about. If the potatoes are not cooked properly or the dough is overloaded, the gnocchi will be harder than chewing in your mouth. Leave it on the ricotta to make everything, including these gnocchi, lighter:: brighter.

8. Chocolate layered Ricotta-Mascarpone cheesecake

I’m asking you bake cheesecake with ricotta. And mascarpone. And cream cheese. This chocolate-covered cheesecake is, in the words of Food52 resident BFF baker Erin Jean McDowell, “complex and comforting.”

9. Bucatini with Ricotta և Sumac

A little ricotta cheese makes this lemon pasta recipe as creamy (as pasta water with a little starch).

10. Ivy Manning’s Instant Pot homemade ricotta

We’ve looked at how to make homemade ricotta cheese in a pan on the stove, but did you know that you can make it with your favorite instant cooker, an instant cooker? The yogurt setting will turn the three main ingredients into a creamy ricotta.

11. Pasta with ricotta and saffron

Saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, obviously deserves to be called here, but we can not take our eyes off the ricotta, which creates an absurd creamy “sauce” for pasta.

12. Fried grapes + ricotta + thyme toast

With this refreshed ricotta toast, topped with half-sliced ​​grapes and olive oil, bake in the oven until the fruit is bubbly and the cheese is slightly melted.

13. No-Bake cheesecake with pretzels

Homemade cheesecakes are always fun, but sometimes they are too scary. This non-baked recipe gets its delicious creamy filling from a combination of ricotta և cream cheese plus sugar.

14. Spicy Scallion Pasta with Ricotta:

Even when you do not have time to cook either go grocery shoppingYou can quickly assemble these two serving pasta dishes that seem to take longer to cook than they were prepared.

15. Toast with raisins and butter և ricotta

“Not so much jam, but not too hard and chewy, raisins become a whole new spice, which is similar to canned, but much less effective,” writes recipe developer Rebecca Firsker. Hot fruit, creamy ricotta and crispy toast are satisfying snacks at any time of the day.

16. Pasta Alla Norma (eggplant, tomato pasta)

This classic Italian dish does not require fresh ricotta, but rather a ricotta salad, which is a hard cheese that is pressed, salted and aged for at least three months.

17. Smoked eggplant with whipped ricotta and pistachio

Start the party with this barbecue snack և no one will ever want to leave.

18. Peel stuffed with cabbage pesto

Instead of bolognese meat sauce, the veggies of these vegetarians are stuffed with ricotta cheese and pesto based on stewed cabbage.

19. Cabbage ալական Italian sausage with lasagna pumpkin béchamel

When the temperature drops below 60, I would like someone to hand me the lasagna tray right away. This fall contains cabbage slices, Italian sausage, pumpkin béchamel, herbal ricotta and fresh mozzarella.

What is your favorite ricotta cheese to cook (or bake)? Do you make it yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

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