2021 Fantastic football. RB rating (PPR)

We’re running և this is a pretty decent band this year. However, there are no reliable guys in the back of the box, so if you can catch a solid two RBs soon, do so. This ranking is based on a complete PPR score, which means that each player gets one point for each admission they take. Enjoy!

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  1. Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers

ESPN ADP: 1.3:

Injured after 2020, CMC returns to the pinnacle of fantastic football. In McCaffrey’s three games last year, he averaged 30.1 points per game. None of the injuries he suffered last season seem long, so he must return in full force in 2021.

  1. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings

ESPN ADP: 2.6:

Last season, Cook blew 1918 yards և 17 total TD. I do not expect to see a real decline in those numbers this year. The Vikings improved their offensive line by forming a left-wing clash with Christian Darisau, their much-improved defense will allow them to play more ball control football. Without injuries, it is safe to say that Cook will have one more dynamic season.

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  1. Saquon Barkley, New York Giants:

ESPN ADP: 5.1:

The past two seasons have been cruel for Sakun as he struggled with injuries in 2019 and tore his ACL in 2020. However, do not forget about this guy’s raw talent. He can influence every game on the ground and in the air. My only concern is that he may start the season slowly after recovery, but that could lead to more success when he gets more touches.

  1. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans

ESPN ADP: 4.1:

The problem with Henry in terms of fantasy will also be the burden of accepting him, but he is the best clean runner in the league. Do not be surprised at the start of a 17-game season if he’s darkened 2,000 runs for the second season in a row. The fact that he does not get many receptions will prevent him in games where the opponent’s defense can stop the run. However, he has the potential to break 40 fantastic points almost every week.

  1. Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints

ESPN ADP: 4.5:

Kamara paved the way for becoming RB1 in 2020 with the performance of several monsters. However, with Drew Bryce retiring, it is unclear who will lead this Saints crime. James Winston is likely to win the job, which would have been much better for Camara than if Tysom Hill had won. However, Winston is not yet known for targeting his running backs, so Kamara has yet to see his production decline.

  1. Ezekiel Eliot, Dallas Cowboys

ESPN ADP: 8.3:

Last year was difficult for Zeke, but it is clear why it was so. Zeki QB և The two starting bouts played 7 games together last year. With Duck Prescott at the center, Eliot is a fantastic fantasy runner-up. In Prescott’s five games last season, Zeke averaged about 22.3 points per game.

Ezekiel Eliot |:  Bleacher Report |:  Latest news, videos և important events
Image from Bleacher Report
  1. Austin Eckler, Los Angeles Chargers

ESPN ADP: 14.7:

In the PPR leagues, Eckler deserves your respect. If he plays the full season, he should get 100+ goals, and he is also the best runner in Los Angeles. With Hunter Henry gone, he should be no less than Justin Herbert’s third in a passing game.

  1. Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

ESPN ADP: 14.8:

The current absence of Aaron Rodgers may scare people away with the Packers, but I think Jones will be effective this year, no matter what. Green Bay only extended it for four years, so we know Jones is in their plans. In addition, Jamal Williams left with a free agency, leaving most of the passing representatives to Jones.

  1. Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis Colts

ESPN ADP: 9.5:

Taylor has a lot of fantastic potential, but I’m inferior to her on most sites because I’m hard to predict what her workload will be. It seems that Naheim Haynes is the leader of Indy, Marlon Mack is returning from injury this season. Taylor should be the main runner-up, but I think those other two defenders could hurt Taylor’s backwardness.

  1. Nick Chab, Cleveland Browns

ESPN ADP: 13.2:

In terms of clean running, Chabb is an absolute stud. Last year, he accidentally broke 5.6 yards per move, averaging one shot per game. However, the Browns do not often use him in the transfer window, instead using Karim Hunt on this side of their breach. If the Cleveland coaches decide to give Chub more goals, he will become a top-5 fantastic RB, but that is far from a safe bet.

  1. Cam Akers, Los Angeles Rams

ESPN ADP: 19.4:

There is a lot of positive noise around Cam Akers right now. His coach, Sean McVeigh, called him “the backbone.” He started at the end of the 2020 campaign with big, playoff appearances against the Seahawks և Packers. Last year, he had just 11 receptions in the regular season, but McVeigh and his staff need to give him more opportunities in that area.

  1. Antonio Gibson, Washington football team

ESPN ADP: 31.1:

Gibson enters his sophomore season with bright prospects. He has an improved offense around him as Washington added Ryan Fitzpatrick and Curtis Samuel to the free agency. In addition, he has a lot to build compared to last year, including his huge 11 rush. HC Ron Rivera has previously coached versatile Christian McCaffrey և I bet he wants to develop Gibson in the same way.

Target of the 2021 dynasty: Antonio Gibson |  Fantasy in circles
Image from Fantasy In Frames
  1. Najee Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers:

ESPN ADP: 21.5:

Harris is an interesting case. Chances are HC Mike Tomlin uses it the way he used Le’Veon Bell. That means Harris will get a ton of touches. Finally, Harris’s patient, side-by-side style brings back Bell’s memories. However, Bell worked on a much better offensive line that allowed him to thrive. Harris does not have that advantage, as the Steelers lost four of those points in their opening four games this season. So will Harris be able to produce at an elite level with his below average O-Line? I’m not so sure he can.

  1. Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City Chiefs:

ESPN ADP: 34.5:

I find it funny how low people rank the CEH this season. Shares of Clyde rose after Damien Williams resigned in 2020. Until August, he was drafted in the first round in almost all championships. CEH was decent in 2020, but injuries և missing loads hampered its production. This year his condition is even better than last year. The bosses significantly improved their O-Line, they “lost” Sammy Watkins. I expect Edwards-Heller to be much more involved in Schaefer’s attack this season.

  1. D’Andre Swift, Detroit Lions:

ESPN ADP: 30.0:

In my eyes, Swift is a boom or bust player. With Jamal Williams right next to him in the depth chart, it is difficult to estimate how much he will lose Swift’s touches. It seems that Swift will play a big role in the Lions transition game. I expect about 60 catches from him this season.

  1. Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles:

ESPN ADP: 31.1:

Sanders is a very strong RB2. He is versatile, he can get a lot of yards for every try, as he had three 70+ yards last season. If Jalen Hertz provides the Eagles with stability in the QB position, expect Sanders to improve.

Philadelphia Eagles.  2 reasons why Miles Sanders is the top 5 RB in Fantasy
Image from inside the Iggles
  1. Joe Mixon, Cincinnati Bengals

ESPN ADP: 23.7:

I’m much lower on Mixon than most analysts, I’m quite good at it. I have owned Mixon for two years in a row, and I have regretted it for two years in a row. The Bengal attack line is to blame for Mixon’s disappointments, it’s not that Sinsi has made any drastic changes to that unit. So, if in the past he could not overcome those problems, now I see no reason to believe that he will overcome.

  1. JK Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens:

ESPN ADP: 40.1:

Dobbins did not get much of the ball last year, but when he did, he was incredibly effective. He averaged 6.0 yards per transfer per share with Gus Edwards. That is the problem. that he is in a temporary stake with Gus Edwards. Dobbins’s talent is obvious, but he needs to get more balls to become the best fantasy option.

  1. Chris Carson, Seattle Seahawks

ESPN ADP: 44.0:

In 2020, the Seahawks’s attack from the ground և turned into a major air attack. With this transition, Carson’s role also changed. He played a bigger role in the transfer window, but saw his urgency dwindle. His season was cut short due to injury, but this trend was still noticeable. It will be interesting to see what his statistics will be like after the whole campaign.

  1. David Montgomery, Chicago Bears

ESPN ADP: 47.6:

Montgomery was the absolute stud of the 2020 season. However, it was a series of dream encounters as he battled the worst runners-up in the league. In addition, Tarik Cohen returns, the main answer of the “Bears”. So do not expect Montgomery’s 2021 production to reflect the end of its monster by 2020.

  1. Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders:
  1. Myles Gaskin, Miami Dolphins:
  1. Chase Edmonds, Arizona Cardinals
  1. Mike Dice, Atlanta Falcons
  1. Karim Hunt, Cleveland Browns
  1. Rahim Mostert, San Francisco 49 yrs
  1. Tracey Etienne, Jacksonville Jaguars
  1. James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars
  1. Yavonte Williams, Denver Broncos
  1. Melvin Gordon III, Denver Broncos
  1. David Johnson, Houston Texans
  1. Damien Harris, New England Patriots
  1. Michael Carter Jr., New York Jets
  1. Leonard Fournette, Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
  1. Ronald Jones II, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  1. James Connery, Arizona Cardinals
  1. Kenyan Drake, Las Vegas Riders
  1. Jamal Williams, Detroit Lions
  1. Zack Moss, Buffalo Bills
  1. AJ Dillon, Green Bay Packers

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