2021 Spirited Awards Regional Roundtable Discussion.

Nine cocktail experts from around the world are discussing how they re-invented their business during the COVID-19 epidemic. From launching online stores with scented cocktail candles to filling a bus with a well, delivering it to consumers, cocktail entrepreneurs have found new, creative ways to connect with their customers, they have been amazed at the results. Not only did they stay in business, but they also connected with customers and staff, who were far more than they thought possible, even before the epidemic.

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When the aftermath of the epidemic began to settle down, Adrian Glickman from Florería Atlántico in Buenos Aires probably came across questions that were all related to the cocktail bar game. we: last, when the guides are finalized, և dozens more. But one question arose from the rest.

“As soon as it started, we had fifty-two families, depending on how the business will survive and how we can rethink the business,” he said. “So it started with pure despair.”

Glickman joined eight other cocktail business professionals at a roundtable discussion presented by CAMPARI as part of the Spirited Awards programming program at the 2021 Tales of the Cocktail hybrid conference, where they detailed how they rediscovered their business in the COVID-19 epidemic. time: From launching online stores with cocktail candles to filling the bus with a well, delivering it to the consumer, cocktail entrepreneurs began to create a way that they reconnected with their customers, expanding their reach beyond what they thought was possible.

In Glickman’s case, the main focus of other canned RTD offers was to educate the consumer. In Argentina, he said, cocktails at home were not really a pre-epidemic, so it was possible to pass on information about the shelf life, the stability, the experience of creating something canned. “It was a big challenge, but it was a wonderful moment to hear from people who would never be able to come to Florence,” he said of their ability to deliver skillfully prepared cocktails across the country. Education was also an important component of the Imperial Craft cocktail bar in Orion Leron, Tel Aviv. “The local drinking culture was more about refreshing it right in front of the guest,” he added. But when faced with months (or more) of empty prospects, Lerner put his crew on bicycles with bottles of bottled cocktails and delivered them to the locals. In less than a month, the concept came to fruition, and they became swampy. “That personal contact was all we needed to keep in touch with our guests,” he said. “It’s unbelievable how much it has blossomed.”

However, education about new offerings is not limited to the consumer. Rinsy Vargezen Mr. He is the co-founder of Jerry’s Cocktails, India’s first small batch of ready-to-serve bottled artificial cocktails. He said educating the government means starting from scratch. “Our first step was to educate them. What is it? How is it canned? How is it prepared? How does it help people? “So that was the biggest obstacle we face,” he said. But as a follower of the nation’s cocktail scene, he walks so that others can run,: aspiring to expand to more Indian states, each with its own liqueur laws.

Such an innovation took entrepreneurs out of the traditional field of cocktail production. The epidemic for Jacqueline Pirolo from Macchialina in Miami provided an incredible supply of good wine to a new audience. The delivery of the bottles turned into mysterious packages consisting of three bottles. “It turned out so well that we moved to a proper wine club, which now has about eighty-five members a month,” he said. Similarly, Evelyn Chick of Toronto EC Projects created a subscription-based service for all types of drinkers. Whether you can add alcohol to a cocktail to his creations, they are also independent. “My whole ideology around beverage production is to create inclusive services,” he said. These packages, as well as his virtual cocktail lessons, put him on the path to customers such as Amazon, TikTok and the Juneau Awards. “So somewhere out there Justin Bieber has one of my cocktail collections,” he said.

Passion և inclusion was also the theme of Timo Janse in Amsterdam’s The Flying Dutchman. “The community is central to everything we do,” he said. So, in addition to the bar of RTD offers, Janse և and his partner set up a web store selling barbecue utensils, homemade cocktail candles, cocktail candies, pickles, and more. “It was really great for us to continue talking to the guests,” he said. Continuing that conversation, being creative, was also important to Michael Capoferi of Thunderbolt in Los Angeles. “The joke was, what’s our brilliant idea this week? “We have to have a brilliant idea every week for that to continue.” he said. Some of these brilliant ideas have helped industry across the region, such as partnering with different brands, to feed 2,000 non-working hospitality workers.

This emphasis on the social good of the day has had a special significance for the co-authors of Daijoubu cocktails in Austin, Kaer Maiko և Sharon Jung. Jung, who has lived with anti-Asian racism since the beginning of the epidemic, says their pop-up events, bottled cocktails and cocktail boxing pursue a deeper goal of raising money for Asian-American purposes. “In the last two and a half years of Daijubu, we have raised about $ 16,000 for various charities,” said Maiko.

At a time when innovations meant much more than the main lines of the charts, but pointed out the connections between good staff, owners, guests, and the communities around them, Jong summed up the general mood of the discussion. “We were not just scratching it out there to make cocktails,” he said. “But we feel we should use our voice for greater good.”


Broadcast the full 2021 Spirited Awards Regional Roundtable discussion. Innovative highlights presented by CAMPARI Cocktail tales on YouTube channel HERE:.

2022 Spirited Awards: Nominations are open from February 15 to March 8 at 11:59 PM EST. Only one nomination is required to be considered.

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