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What is there, party members? It’s time for a party, but sometimes you have to spend budget. You can still organize a radio event while squeezing those pennies, because serving cheap drinks does not mean saving your taste. Tipsy Bartender has the best recipes for holiday drinks, no matter how big the crowd. So, whether you are looking for a super rad jungle juice recipe or making jelly shots, get your picnic with Tipsy.

$ 40 Jungle juice
The classic Tipsy Bartender recipe for a reason. The juice of this vodka jungle is budget with a Hawaiian punch, citrus tail and lemonade as mixers.

Woo Woo Shot:
Enjoy this super cheap drink recipe as a shot or as a cocktail drink. It’s perfect for a fruit tour with vodka, peach mustard or cranberry juice.

Hunter Bomb:
Interactive mixed drinks are always a hit at parties. So why not give this classic bombshell a shot with a half full glass of energy drink?

Margarita Jello shots

We all love pearls, but it’s hard to serve them at a party. Fortunately for you, jelly shoots tend to be the ideal “drink” for the party. For this jelly shot recipe, mix tequila, margarita և gelatin for three seconds.

Angry balls
We promise that the name makes sense. Fireball Shot և Angry Orchard is a simple drink of a pint of apple cider that everyone will love.

$ 30 Strawberry Jungle Juice
Cherry on a tighter budget? No problem! This jungle juice recipe is one of our favorite large batch of cheap drinks with vodka, rum, pickled apple cider vinegar and strawberry soda.

Kamikadze shot
Shoot like a divine wind և shoot back some of this cheap but delicious bad boy shots. Vodka in equal doses, triple seconds և lime juice is a powerful և delicious recipe.

Trash punch
This superb jungle juice recipe is guaranteed to enlighten you և your guests. It’s fruity, հնարավոր possibly even a little healthy, with a drink, vodka, a Hawaiian punch, a ton of junk fruit.

Giggle Juice

Sangria is also great as a budget drink. Get a pink rose with this Muscat’s sangria recipe that uses vodka, lemon-lime soda, muscat և pink lemonade.

Pink lemonade jelly shots
This jelly recipe will surely turn heads, as these spicy shots of lemonade with vodka look like little lemon wedges. Just add the tasteless gelatin to the vodka և pink lemonade.

Poor Man’s Long Island:
We all love a good party, but not everyone is a fan of jungle juice or jelly shoots. And that’s normal. Vodka, gin, Lipton iced tea half’s half, և cola are cheap but tasty alternatives.

Lake Day Punch:
This vodka punch recipe is one of the most economical cheap drinks you can make. With just two packs of vodka, sugar, Kool-aid և water, you can make this stretch party drink.

Free Cuba

You probably know this easy mixed drink as rum և coca. And yes, they are also components.

Mimosa Sangria
Budget issues. Look no further! Enjoy your breakfast with champagne, orange juice այս this orange juice recipe.

Tequila Sunflower
If you want to impress your guests without harm, whip some of these aesthetically bad guys. Our Tequila Early Recipe gives you that wonderful gradient of tequila, orange juice and grenadine.

Toilet water
Do not be fooled by the name, as this blue vodka punch is too tasty to wash. Combine vodka, triple seconds, mixed berry Powerade և lemon-lime soda for a blue cocktail.

Good AF

Serve this alcohol punch as well as its name implies. You have to spray with Mountain Dew, vodka և Hawaiian punch.

Pink lemonade vodka punch
Vodka lemonades are such an underrated cheap drink, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? It is an easy cocktail recipe with citrus, raspberry vodka, lemon-lime soda, frozen pink lemonade extract.

At Margarita Gallon
This famous bartender pearl recipe grows to – you guessed it – one gallon. Shake the ingredients of your typical pearl ացրեք add sweet և sour, orange juice և passion fruit juice. But if you’re looking for a little extra, check out our mango և strawberry versions.

Pink Panty Dropper Punch:

Get your pants off because this bad guy’s beer cocktail recipe is baking. Not only is this one of the best cheap drinks in your batch for your party, but it is also refreshing and delicious. Just add vodka, beer արդ pink lemonade extract.

Lemon drop shot
Skip some of this bite-sized party drink. Sprinkle with two portions of vodka, one portion of lemon juice and a simple syrup, this is a fairly easy shot recipe.

Vegan Jello Shots
For all our vegan friends who party, we are Goths. For a recipe for vegan jelly that won’t hurt, try orange vodka, fruit juice and agar powder.

Boiler owner

Yes, we know that most cheap drinks are made with vodka, so this one goes for all our whiskey fans who like to party. Pour a glass of whiskey into half a liter of beer և BANG. Here you have it!

Citrus G&T
Easy mixed drinks are the name of the party game, baby. Gin, lemon-lime soda և tonic water are great for partygoers watching their macros.

You really can not go wrong with vodka: orange juice. You may not think of it as a holiday drink, but as cheap as it’s easy to make, it will become one of your favorite pastimes.

Classic Sangria
Wine bottles can cost from 5 cents to a handful. Fortunately, no one can distinguish the best sangria recipes. Cognac, dry red wine and lemon-lime soda will bring you well to your party.

Summer beer
Vodka և beer is not an ordinary combination that you usually consider, but we promise it is great. This is a perfect day to drink a jug, regardless of the season, with vodka, beer and frozen lemonade extract.

Thai whiskey bucket
The whiskey bucket recipe will bring you good for those little parties. They are great, they can be shared, you really have to make some of them. All you need is whiskey, Red Bull և carbonated drink.

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