32 years later, daughter fights for justice in 1990’s assassination of Wisconsin Susan Pupart

“I was 3 years old at the time,” said Alex Pupart. “It happened in May 1990.”

Alex really does not remember his mother, Susan Pupart. “I had dreams about him, which I think were memories,” said Alex. “Maybe it was a memory when I was little.”

His older brother, Jared, was old enough to remember when their mother disappeared. “He was 9 years old when that happened,” Alex recalls. She told Daitlin that Jared had told her a lot about their mother. “Many other people told me about him. “I was really adopted by some of his friends,” said Alex. Jared stayed with their grandmother.

Susan Pupar with her children, Alex Ջ Jared.Alex Pupart

Alex told Daitlin that everyone always told him the same thing, that Susan was “very sociable” that “she liked to have fun. He liked to go out. “

The 29-year-old mother of two was from Wisconsin. “He grew up here all his life,” said Alex, who still lives there. Susan was part of the Lake Superior Chippewa Indians of the Lac du Flambeau Band.

And in May 1990 he disappeared.

Susan was last seen on May 20, 1990, at Lac du Flambo’s home party.

He was living with his sister at the time, and disappeared a few days later when he did not return home.

Alex said he did not know what had happened to his mother until he was an adult. “My brother told me. “My brother, for example, really felt worse when he was growing up,” Alex told Dalein. “He kind of put me on the balcony, he just said. And I was so it took me a long time to understand.

As he grew older, Alex learned more about his mother’s work. “We have mainly heard rumors. There were always rumors that he was arrested from that party. ” According to Alex, the May 20, 1990 meeting was a party for one of Susan’s friends’s younger brother to leave, and many people saw her leaving with two men.

Alex said his mother probably knew the people he had left with that night. “Reservation is a small town, everyone knows everyone,” he said.

“I was 18 when I first met the scouts,” Alex told Daitlin. “I just wanted to know, for example, what they were actually doing.” Since then, Alex has tried to stay in touch with spies.

Daitlin spoke with Joe Fate, Sheriff of the Villas County Sheriff’s Office. He has been working with the Susan case team since 1990.

“It simply came to our notice then. “I think it came at least two days after he did not return home,” Sheriff Fat told Dateline. “At first, our patrol deputies, who were working, responded, received information, they coordinated the search of the area. “I think on foot search, along with firefighters and some members of the community, helped us at that time.”

The search took place at least two days after the party. “And at a time when some of us, some of our spies, were involved,” said Sheriff Fat.

Susan has disappeared in Lac du Flambeau, which is a reservation. Sheriff Fat explained that the Villas County Sheriff’s Office was the primary law enforcement agency that dealt with everything related to reservations. “Lac du Flambeau is a public right reservation 280, which means that the sheriff has jurisdiction over crimes committed within the reservation,” said Sheriff Fat. “Thus, we regularly monitored bookings in 1990.”

Sheriff Fat has confirmed the story of Susan leaving with two men. Witnesses say they left the party between 4:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

“It’s a small community, there were rumors in the early days,” said Sheriff Fat. “Obviously, we have pursued these rumors as channels, trying to disperse them or move forward with them. So it was a long process. “

The sheriff said the two men, whom he identified as Daitlin as Robert Elm և Joseph Cobb, “are probably still of particular interest to us because they have not been able to prove that they were not involved in his disappearance.” He said Elm և Cobb had been interviewed several times by the sheriff’s office. Daitlin tried to contact Elmie and Kobe for comment, but was unsuccessful.

Sheriff Fath said a third name appeared during the investigation. “A third person has appeared over the years, he knows we keep talking to him. “But we talked to hundreds of people at Lac du Flambeau because he was missing.” “It’s not just two or three people we’ve interviewed or focused our efforts on.”

Six months after searching for Susan Pupart, her remains were found.

According to Alex, Susan’s remains were found by hunters around Thanksgiving 1990. Officers responded to the scene in Price County, which Sheriff Fat said was about 12 miles from where the party took place the night Susan went missing. “It was considered a murder,” Sheriff Fat told Dateline. But he mentioned that “the remains were not enough for the pathologist to give a specific reason.”

Sheriff Fat told Dalein that the crime lab field response team had also arrived. “We really found clothes. “We found the bone in his lower jaw, which we were able to identify through a forensic dental examination,” said Sheriff Fat. “And I think there is evidence that the crime lab has been restored.”

The sheriff told Daitlin that because so much time had passed from May to November 1990, they could not save much. “It was outside. “It was in a fairly dense cedar swamp where its remains were found,” said Sheriff Fat. “The crime lab did its best to process the items and identify the items of probative value. But it does not look like an indoor scene where things were protected, a cleaner environment. “

After many years with small movements related to the case, the officials tried something a little unusual. The trial of John Doe.

“They had something called the John Doe Trial,” Alex told Daitlin. He thinks it happened in 2007. “It was not a trial, but it was like a hearing they held, they put those guys in the stands,” he said.

By: Wisconsin Legislature, John Doe’s case is when “the district attorney asks the judge to convene a trial to find out if a crime was committed under the jurisdiction of the court.” The law continues to stipulate that “a judge shall institute proceedings; shall summon and question all witnesses identified by the district attorney.”

Sheriff Fat also confirmed this. “John Doe’s hearings began as a secret where it was not made public. “We testified during closed-door hearings, and then District Attorney John Doy opened the door.”

The sheriff added that four or five witnesses testified during the open session. “But the DA did not close it at the time or send it to a judge to rule on the probable cause of the evidence,” said Sheriff Fat. “So, is it still an open file or an open case?”

Sheriff Fat told Daitlin that Susan’s case was the case that she շարունակում continues to investigate in the Villas County Sheriff’s Office. “Susan’s case is, at least, one of my primary cold reservation investigations,” he said. “We have worked with related agencies, such as the State Department of Justice and the Criminal Investigation Department.” In fact, “several DCI agents have been assigned to assist us in coordinating our efforts,” the sheriff said. “We have been very active with them, they are helping us deal with the crime lab, the FBI lab, for evidence-based purposes.”

At the end of the day, Sheriff Fat said to Daley: “It’s a team effort.” He said that in addition to following up on any references, his office “repeatedly presented evidence of DNA և trace evidence, but it was not successful.” The sheriff hopes that as technology improves, there will be opportunities to resolve the issue. “Does anyone know if anything will change where the evidence we have in our evidence room can be presented again to tell us something along the way?” He said.

Susan Pupar hugs her daughter Alex Pupart
Susan Pupar hugs her daughter Alex PupartAlex Pupart

Alex says it has not been easy to let go of feelings about his mother’s death, as he is constantly reminded of where he lives. “He is from where he was arrested, he is near my house,” he said. “It’s like under three doors. “I live on the same street where he was last seen.” And here is Alex, himself. “I am the age of my mother to spit. “Sometimes when I talk to people, they all cry, they cry, they just don’t look at me,” Alex told Dateline. “Sometimes it just makes me emotional.”

Alex tries his best to protect his children from the pain he felt growing up. “My eldest is 12 years old and the other is 10 years old. “And on the highway is my mom’s billboard,” Alex told Dateline. He said he would try to distract them from seeing it as they drove past, but that they had noticed it several times. “It’s the hardest thing for me right now, it’s explaining to a bunch of little boys.”

Sheriff Fat told Daley that a billboard about Susan’s case had been on her desk for more than a decade, “noting that she was killed in 1990, asking people if they knew anything about the case,” he said. : “That is, they see his face every time they enter the Lac du Flambeau.”

Alex feels that some people in Lac du Flambeau just want to forget about his mother’s business. “It’s really hard here because everyone knows,” Alex told Dateline. “They just want to sweep it under the rug, more or less.”

Sheriff Fat promises not to let that happen, telling Dalein that he will not forget about Susan Pupart. “I’m sure there are people at Lac du Flambeau who know what happened,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s what we need, that’s what we need that prompt. We need the help of the community to solve this case. ”

If anyone has information about Susan’s case, please call the Villas County Sheriff’s Office at 715-479-4444. Can you leave him? anonymous tip In the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office app or on tip411.

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