35 star side dishes for July 4

The sides are the perfect opportunity to add color, punch, texture և variety to the main event, whether it’s a hummingbird piece. grilled meat or: vegetable burgers. Personally, my favorite party is when there are a lot of parties, և you just dig into them, like tapas, the main dish of which is obviously missing. But whatever you serve, these are the sides that you can grill during the day or prepare in advance. Serve the tubes hot or leave them in the oven for hours without affecting the quality, do it right July 4.

1. Asparagus with lemon-pepper marinade from Bryant Terry

Did you have a barbecue on this July 4th? Then let your main course cook a little to make room for some sides, for example, this vegan asparagus wonders where the marinade is. Is becoming the sauce.

2. Biscuits with pimento cheese

A handshake between two southern favorites. If your cookies have been sitting at room temperature for some time, you can toss them on the grill to reheat quickly (և do the same for all the cookies on this menu).

3. Pasta salad with ground pepper, green olives, walnuts and anchovies

Mix the colors of the peppers here for a cheerful looking pasta salad that tastes great (almost all the ingredients are titled).

4. Fully grilled Caesar salad

Prepare the clothes in advance; on that day you only need to roast the Roman hearts առաջ before serving the bread.

5, 6 և 7. Three bean salads

Not a three-bean salad, but three different bean salads that are perfect for summer cooking: a salad with melon, feta beans, cucumber salad with white beans, mango salad with chili powder. Cook the beans in an instant saucepan for the best texture, but we do not judge, you can use canned beans with a pinch.

8. Grilled corn with basil butter

Do you have any basil? Use other herbs. Don’t have a food processor? We soften the butter and mix it by hand. Do not have time? Prepare it in advance, try not to eat everything until July 4.

9. Grilled peaches, melted mint “Caprese”

With this recipe, Caprese gets some cool new clothes that balance a soft ripe peach with a hearty melon.

10. Grilled eggplant with Miso & Doenjang

These eggplants are grilled without sauce before grilling with sauce, which helps maintain a firm texture while serving. If there is no space on the grill (or you do not have a grill), use the oven.

11. cabbage salad

Mayo or not? This recipe says yes, but in moderation, along with Greek yogurt and cider vinegar.

12. Grilled pickled tomatoes

If you want to have red, white և blue accents on your July 4th party, let this very seasonal dish take care of red.

13. Minnie Utsey’s No-Fail Cornbread:

Sugar is the secret ingredient here. If you can not find a trimmer, use softened butter.

14. Cheese mushroom bread

This special Iowa dinner party crowd does not include making a loaf from scratch (but you can do it if you want). If you are making a barbecue, you can wrap the bread in foil as shown in the instructions և Bake.

15. Avocado Corn bread

Creamy avocado crispy in cornbread? Register with me.

16. Inheritance of tomato Pan corn bread Panzanella

Use cornbread instead of American-iza panzanella.

17. Arañitas with garlic mayo ketchup

If you can use a box scraper, you can make Puerto Rican arañitas, fried with adobe spice.

18. Canal House Marinated Zucchini

Warning in advance. This simple but brilliant side stays in the fridge for a week.

19. Nori Deviled Eggs:

Side or snack? Both are bad, but always delicious.

20. Potato salad fried with garlic

Spanish patatas bravas with this recipe gets a potato salad treat (psst, you can grill the potatoes ahead of time).

21. 3-Ingredient bacon cookies

Let the bacon lead the buttermilk cookies in this pan.

22. Instant saucepan with baked bean bacon

When planning the menu for the fourth of July, one of the side dishes has to be baked beans (actually, I think it’s written in the Declaration of Independence). But making zero-baked beans is a time-consuming feat, so we made it easier by developing a recipe that can be made in Instant Pot.

23. Triple-broccoli pasta salad

We love broccoli but hate to see how the stems are wasted, which is why we are so grateful to Emma Lapperuk for developing this broccoli salad recipe that uses the crowns and stems to the fullest. “Broccoli stalks, which are often thrown out, are shaved in the form of curls, ribbons, and then salted and soothed until they wither like the fastest pickle in the world,” he writes.

24. Sriracha-Lime corn salad

Fresh corn is just beginning to reach its peak in some parts of the country on July 4, but that does not mean that we did not immediately start buying it to turn it into a delicious summer beer. .

25. Martha Stewart’s Macaroni & Cheese:

No one will ever say no to makin և cheese, even on hot summer days like the fourth of July. This is due to the fact that it goes well with burgers, hot dogs և ribs և և moreover, it is suitable for vegetarians.

26. Tomato cucumber salad with fried capers

Whether you grow them yourself or store them on the farmers market, this is one of the best uses for colorful hereditary tomatoes and cucumbers. They are mixed with fresh dill, fried lead, sherry vinegar for a quick, easy summer salad.

27. Summer Farro Salad

Our readers call this their favorite use of fresh mozzarella, but we call it our favorite side dish of the fourth of July. It is collected in an instant, filled with fresh parsley, basil, kalamata olives, grape tomatoes and sweet honey vinaigrette.

28. Potato salad with celery and hard-boiled egg

You can not cook dinner, especially on July 4, without a potato salad – this is as classic as possible. We found that candlelight Yukon gold or red potatoes hold their eggs better than mustard mayonnaise clothes.

29. Homemade potato chips

The fourth of July needs certain shocks and reverence. Serving home-made potato chips to the guests will surely succeed.

30. Grilled pickled tomatoes

Ready-made side dish that uses the bright star of summer – tomatoes. They grill a little, then add the marinade with fish sauce.

31. Marcy Ragan’s Grilled Panzanella Caprese:

Three Italian dishes – Caprese Salad, Bruschetta և Panzanella – combine to make this crowd-friendly salad, designed to be part of your summer spread.

32. Smoked eggplant with whipped ricotta and pistachio

Eggplant peaks in July, when grilled, it turns into a smoky, lightly sweet side dish.

33. Roberto Santibanes “Classic Guacamole”.

Regardless of the time of year, every party needs a guacamole (a party if there is no guacamole). This recipe is as traditional as they come in, which makes it even tastier and more reliable.

34. Grilled green onion drink

You can find green onions all year round, but they are never so interesting. We take matters into our own hands, putting them in the center. They are grilled and then immediately put in a food processor with a little sour cream.

35. Spicy watermelon with tomato, prosciutto և salted-lime yogurt

Watermelon is not only in fruit salad. In fact, this side dish weakens the edge of something delicious.

What dishes are you going to cook this July 4th? Vote in the comments.

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