4 games from the NFL schedule that now seem like rubbish, but can be amazing

Every year we review the NFL schedule to find the best games to get excited about next season. However, as we all know, everything rarely lives up to pre-season expectations. By the time we reach week 12, we are still thinking about how the hell game was put together by two teams under the age of 500 for the national team game.

The downside is that we have dozens of games every year that are much better than anyone expected. Meetings that approach us secretly become impossible to miss due to circumstances ային team changes. That’s what we’re focusing on today. Here are some games that look cruel now but can become absolute gems.

Steelers Vs. Panthers – Week 15

There is absolutely no reason why this game should be good. Hell, it’s likely to end in one of the saddest games of the season against Mitch Trubisk vs. Sam Darnold. However, this can also be fascinating.

If we imagine that both teams are currently trying to assess their future in QB, we can very well see Kenny Pickett vs. Matt Coral. This is interesting in itself, as both teams were reportedly interested in Picket before the draft, as there were several analysts who said that Corral was the best QB. To complicate matters, both teams have a legal chance of pushing for an amazing place in the playoffs, if Carolina can get back, և The Steelers can push to do what they did a year ago.

Thus, this seemingly harmless game can turn into both a post-season fight and an opportunity to see which QB of the 2022 NFL Draft is developing the most.

Planes vs. Bears – Week 12

Jets are bad. Bears are bad. Why should anyone care about this game? There is a possibility that this can be really convincing. First, we have the 2021 quarterback lineup between Zack Wilson’s Justin Fields, which we’re really going to see for the first time.

Neither Wilson nor Fields have had some impressive campaigns for the newcomers, but there are high hopes that both will be a big success next season. Then it becomes a good litmus test of how things are developing not only for the defenders, but also for the future prospects of both teams.

The Jets are coming out of one of the best drafts in team history, while the Bears are still paying for Fields. However, these teams are quite evenly matched – it could be a showcase for two young passers-by.

Colts vs. Raiders – Week 10

Here are two teams that are really trying to keep their windows open and reach the playoffs. That’s what makes me watch this game. In many ways, I find Matt Ryan and Derek Stone somewhat similar. Statistically, two great defenders are often injured due to the lack of success of their teams on the field.

Of course, Ryan has reached the Super Cup, where the Falcons immediately evaporated against the Patriots. as it is currently built.

I think there is a ton of potential for this to be an offensive coincidence with the Raiders’ new-looking passing attack on Davante Adams, who will play Matt Ryan, Jonathan Taylor և’s ground game for the mighty Colts.

Lions vs. Patriots – Week 5

There was never a reason really Pay attention to the meeting of these teams. Unfortunately, in the last 20 years, they have met only five times, when “New England” is leading 4-1. Now everything is different.

I’m a big fan of what Detroit is building. This team has done everything right over the last year to slowly build a winning organization; they had a hell of a project this year with Aidan Hutchinson and Jameson Williams. now it has all been tested.

The 2022 Patriots should not be confused with Tom Brady’s dominance, but Bill Belichik’s team is still expected to be the measure of success. This will be an opportunity to see how far the Lions have come, where they can be expected to go in the future. It happens that I think these teams are quite equal (at least on paper), they can have a great game.

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