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Modern drones are amazing. You have a flying, stabilized 4K camera that you can fit in your pocket, take it out, launch in seconds.

It is truly an amazing feat of modern technology.

He! First impressions of DJI Mini 3 Pro. A small, silent, flying camera wrapped around a battery

I have flown countless hours with a number of drones, and I am still amazed at how remarkable it is to have a flying camera to photograph from unique angles.

Spare batteries

Spare batteries

Never believe in the estimated life of a drone battery. DJI claims that the Mini 3 Pro is good for 34 minutes of flight. My test shows that you are lucky to get 25 minutes.

Another problem is that it takes about an hour to charge the battery. It will interfere with your flying fun.

My solution to this is to buy spare batteries. I like to have two spare batteries.

Having three batteries seems like a sweet spot to me. I can fly, have a spare և one charged.

Spare screws

Spare screws

Do not fly with damaged supports. If they are bent, scratched or torn, it is time to replace them. After all, these are the things that keep your drone in the sky.

Check your supports before each flight, If they are damaged, replace them.

The Mini 3 Pro supports are fastened with screws, so to prevent them from working, replace the screws with new screws. Replacement screws have a thread holder on them to prevent vibrations from releasing the screw.

Use a good screwdriver or included screwdriver to remove the supports. If you chew that screw using bad tools, you will hate life.

Do not risk your props.

Note that buying spare batteries երկու spare parts is a convenient way to buy it Fly More set for Mini 3 Pro. It comes with a charging unit and a bag.

ND (neutral density) filters

ND (neutral density) filters

If you’re recording video, you need ND filters.

What are ND filters? Think of them as sunglasses for your camera. They allow you to reduce the amount of light և slow down the shutter speed so that it doubles the speed of your frame for a movie look.

None of this makes sense?

do not worry, Here’s a YouTube video that explains everything!

Bottom line, you can live without them, but with them (և knowing a little bit) your videos will be so much better.

MicroSD storage card

MicroSD storage card

4K shots take up a lot of space. This will require storage on your drone. Here’s why you need some spare microSD cards.

I recommend buying some 64 GB cards. Why not bigger? Well, the bigger the card, the more data I put on it, the more data I have on the card, the more data I can lose if I lose the drone.

I think 64 GB is the sweet spot.

As for the brands, I recommend Lexar cards. This is what I’m working on now with all my drones, cameras, I’ve had no problem.

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