6 games to bypass the 2022 NFL schedule

We have the NFL 2022 schedule, and now we’re moving into the fall. When the project is in the rearview mirror, the training camp is in front of us, we are waiting to see how the league lists will be settled before the start of the league year.

This year gives us some really exciting matches, և these are the games that I rotate on the calendar because I can not miss. No matter who your favorite team is, anyone who loves football should look forward to it.

Bills v. Bosses – Week 6:

Hell, yes, I’m going to take the AFC Division playoff standings between the two, which was definitely the best game of the year.

Although the game took place only in January, the color of this match looks completely different. The Chiefs have had some major upgrades since leaving Tyreek Hill, while the Bills are more or less the same team that took Kansas City to the frontier earlier this year.

This could be a serious litmus test in the AFC to see if Bills is ready to win it all, go to the Super Cup, or are they still struggling to overcome that pile.

Dolphins vs. 49th – 13th week

I like the meetings between coaches, և no game this year will be as interesting from the point of view of a coach և as this game. You have Kyle Shanahan, who leads the 49ers, now at the helm of Trey Lance. Assuming his sponsor Mike McDaniel, entering his first year as Dolphin head coach.

The two have spent years together. They know each other well. McDaniel organized the San Francisco violations, he knows all the players on that team, while Shanahan understands McDaniel’s tendencies. It will be interesting to see what the Dolphins look like, how the Niners play under Lance ել watch the game between the two coaches:.

Browns vs. Texas – Week 13

This one needs no explanation, but of course it’s all about Deshon Watson. The Browns are confident that Watson will take them to the Super Cup, while the Texans are rebuilding.

That said, Houston could be bad in 2021, but they were more competitive than people expected. There is a good chance they can make a big step in 2022, especially if DG Mills becomes what the team hopes he can be.

At the same time, assuming Watson is not stopped by the NFL, this game is a litmus test for Cleveland in terms of running ability. They want to win, to win big.

Bengals vs. Buccaneers – Week 15

I like the age match here, which is not like the Bengal Aries Super Cup. I know Cincinnati’s appearance in the big game was considered extraordinary, but I think it could be a key component of this franchise as it moves forward.

This game will take steps to determine this. If young Bengalis can connect with Tom Brady և Bucks, it will take a long time for people to believe that they will stay here.

Chefs vs. Broncos – Week 14

The pressure is on Russell Wilson to prove he can get Denver to a point where he can depend on the AFC West’s best. It’s unfair to expect the Broncos to win the division right away դուրս to reach the playoffs after Peyton Manning lost the playoffs early in his first season in Denver.

However, there is a belief, at least from the fans, that this team was a top defender not only in the playoffs, but also for the AFC Championship. None of this happens without going through the leaders, և Wilson must prove that he makes the difference that the team believed he’s made when they made their big trade!

Aries vs. Chiefs – Saturday 12

These two teams are the measure by which their respective divisions are measured, even now. Both are considered Super Bowl contenders, and we will feel great about where the power is in the NFL when these teams meet.

Moreover, the relative strength of this match is significant for other NFC և AFC teams. The appearance of each of these teams can help us determine if the strength is still in these teams, whether it has been transferred to the Bills, Buccaneers or another team we are not expecting.

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