7 ideas to keep in bed when space is running out

I like the idea of ​​cleaning everything in my closet, closet or closet Marie Condon but if I want to be honest with you, my reality is a little shaky (okay, a lot) different. It is simply impossible to separate from my material possessions. From utensils, clothes, coffee, tax documents, to a completely random miniature rubber duck I borrowed from a bar, I’m always looking for extra space for everyone. items:.

Filled with drawers, cupboards, cabinets to the brim, I recently applied a storage solution that worked well for me. my college dorm daysThe cave space under my bed. But this time, instead of putting all my belongings in the wild, I decided to take a more systematic approach. With just a few clever gadgets, such as bed lifts and stylish wheelchairs, I turned the dark, forgotten space under my bed into an organized paradise.

Are you looking to clean up your mess? Whether your bedroom needs tidying up or your closets are at full capacity, you’ll want to explore these smart bedding ideas that will not make you feel like a freshman again.

Rebrilliant 12-Pair Under Bed Shoe organizer

Photo: Wayfair:

In the last few years, my pile of shoe boxes It was rising more and more in the corner of my room until it almost reached the ceiling. (Well, not really, but they did a lot.) After the pile shattered և almost choked me, I finally decided to exchange them A set of shoe organizers with zippers that I can keep under my bed instead. The plastic cover allows me to easily see all my shoes, while the dust ներից stem of my velvet shoes is stored. If: you find without divisorsYou can also use them for non-seasonal clothing: accessories.

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When you think of raising a bed, you are probably thinking of oversized plastic blocks for your college days, which are not the most beautiful. But bed lifts are the easiest way to lift your bed to fit containers, drawers, even luggage, they have come a long way since the early 2000s. Go back to the countryside artificial wooden elevators or go a little more modern Extra high white elevators. Both will lift your bed off the ground for ample storage.

Open spaces Storage under the bed

Photo: Templates:

My favorite method of keeping things under the bed is also the simplest. baskets և boxes. You are lucky, there are hundreds of options. Minimalist boxes of Open Spaces under the bed They are made of soft cloth, so they can slide out easily without cracking the floor, while the zipper top and soft cover allow two types of goods to enter: dust-free items and animals. For everything you would use more often և need easy access to, such as extra bath towels, books, electronics or craft accessories, try woven baskets with lids and handles. They are easy to remove և do not grieve when you forget to put them back.

Photo: Walmart:

Now that your bed is higher than the floor, picking up a few drawers on wheels can change your life. a Grape-inspired trunk add characters և feedback vibrations. If you are scratching for DIY, take the old cabinet you wanted to donate and attach it small wheels at the bottom of each rack for a small fraction of the cost of your own sliding storage.

Away The Bigger Carry-On Flex:

Photo: Far away

Protecting my suitcases It has always been one of the hardest things to do in my small apartment, especially since I have a lot of luggage for hand luggage. They just take up so much space without providing much utility. Then someone told me why I did not keep them that way. nest և wrap. Duch. Just put it in a smaller suitcase in a larger suitcase և pack the items you almost never use (such as tax documents) inside the smallest suitcase for more optimized storage.

Spacesaver Premium vacuum storage bags

Photo: Space saver

Remember Vacuum storage bags made of information materials? Well, they’re still hitting for a reason! They can help reduce weight և save space under the bed for a long time. They are especially suitable for large items such as pillows, comforters, mold, mildew, and any other terrifying animals that may be hiding under your bed. Yes, we are with you. We do not like to buy plastic, but the collection can serve you for decades և protect your clothes for years too.

Otherwise, if you have a stock of travel cubes, use them. They are wonderful Squeeze and separate your clothes for the trip– even if it’s at the bottom of your bed. When we do not use them for travel, we use them to store off-season items in our luggage.

Jake Arnold for Parachute Box Pleat Bed Linen Skirt

Photo: Parachute

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, bedspreads are not just for cramped B & Bs. If you catch one of the flat sides with sharp stitches, they can look quite modern. The best part is that they can hide your storage boxes and trash cans as well as protect them from dust. We love how this pleated bed skirt from Jake Arnold’s collaboration with Parachute adds a subtle texture և dimension, meanwhile Crisp white version from Wayfair can make any bed look more like a hotel bed.

This post was updated in May 2022 with more ideas for keeping you in bed.

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