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The word: Daiquiri often depicts images of a luxurious, artificial fruit variety, decorated with at least one umbrella, a plastic stick և, if you are lucky, a real strawberry. But the popular drink is based on the simplest samples – rum, lime and sweetener.

According to Charles H. Baker, author 1939 The gentleman’s companionThe drink was born out of the need to make the combination of rum and water pleasant (at that time it was usually used as a malaria preventative). Otherwise, the solution of adding lime քիչ a little sugar to the healing mixture, writes Baker, formed Harry E. Stout մոտ Jennings Cox, who created the cocktail in 1898 in the village of Daikiri in Cuba.

This simple combination, according to David Wondrich Imbib, became “the first true classic cocktail to be discovered outside the United States”, which gained a following among the American population on the island after the Spanish-American War. It was not another decade that Daiquiri would become a state sensation, take its place in the rules of cocktails.

How the drink is inextricably linked to its frozen version is another story that begins with Constante Ribalaigua. El Floridita Bar in Havana who sometimes served Daiquiri as a frappe on a fine shaved ice bed, a style that would become popular in the United States. A laborious process, the order was received – not unlike A. Coffee shot or a Ramos Jinfiz– with a sigh. Only the 1937 release of Waring Blendor (the official orthography) of the frozen Daiquiri became commonplace.

As for the shocking variations, there is a little rule of thumb that can be reproduced, again thanks to Ribalaigua, who attributes the creation of the three main drinking cards to the և documents. Each digitally labeled is based on the original rum-sugar-lime cocktail Daiquiri No. On 1 sample. No. 2 sees the addition of orange Curasao ի orange juice, number 3, which we now call Hemingway Daikiri– seasoned with grapefruit և maraschino liqueur. Here’s a look at the classics and their modern twists.

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