A boat carrying migrants sank off the coast of Puerto Rico, killing 11 people

Eleven people were killed off the coast of Puerto Rico on Thursday after a boat carrying dozens of migrants capsized, authorities said.

None of the people spotted in the water during the “mass rescue” effort about 10 miles north of Desecho Island appeared to be wearing life jackets, the Coast Guard said in a statement.

As of Thursday night, 31 survivors had been found by the Coast Guard as a suspected “illegal voyage”.

The Coast Guard is trying to rescue the migrants on a capsized ship near Puerto Rico.@USCGSoutheast via Twitter

The origin of the ship բոլոր The nationalities of all the people on board are not immediately known. Coast Guard Speaker said the Associated Press that eight Haitians were hospitalized.

The Coast Guard began its efforts after the crew of the customs-border defense helicopter saw the overturned ship shortly before noon.

“If it were not for that, we would not have known about it until someone had found a sign or received reports from people that their loved ones were missing,” Ricardo Castrodad told the Associated Press.

In January, the rest were left alone A 25-foot-long boat capsized off the coast of Florida after leaving the Bahamas, transporting dozens of people into alleged smuggling operations.

The man was found by the merchant navy, who saw him clinging to an overturned boat.

The Coast Guard says the number of Haitian migrants it has detained since October has risen to 4,500 from 1,500 in fiscal year 2021 to just over 400 in fiscal 2020.

The apparent increase in the number of migrants comes at a time when the country, which is one of the poorest in the world, has seen hundreds of displaced people fighting, dozens killed and wounded in its capital. according to the UN.

Earlier this year, said a UN official The country was in a “sharp political-institutional crisis.”

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