A letter showing the absurdity of the paper coup

One of the most dangerous elements of Donald Trump Attempt to steal the 2020 elections This is how it broke down the gap between two different functions: pre-election organization and pre-election management. Both are political, insofar as elected officials control the election, but they start on different grounds. The election administration starts with the election rules, then uses those rules to determine the result. The candidate starts to win the election, tries to find a way to achieve it within the framework of those rules.

But Trump և and his allies approached them after the 2020 election, treating them as the same. They started with the result: Trump should have won, to achieve that they tried to rewrite the rules after the fact. Or he may not have reviewed the new package of letters from conservative lawyer Svengal’s John Eastman as he wrote it, this is it. Judge David Carter he meant when he described Eastman և Trump’s actions as a “coup in the search for legal theory.”

The absurdity and impudence of this approach is manifested those new letters from Eastmanhas been revealed public records in Colorado, where he was a visiting scientist at the University of Colorado. The most interesting news is the exchange of Ras Diamond from Eastman և in the state of Pennsylvania.

Diamond wrote to Eastman, inquiring about his view that the state legislature had the power to appoint voters regardless of the people’s vote. The idea is legally dubious. The overwhelming consensus among legal scholars argues that the state legislature cannot simply change its mind about the method of voting after voting, և possibly even more politically dubious, given that voters are unlikely to appreciate having it. their votes were generally ignored. The trick, Eastman writes, was to “provide some coverage” to the legislature.

Eastman had already decided, without any evidence, that the election was tainted with fraud. “I have done no watch that: hearings that: were held, but: I suspect they Contained: a lot of evidence from: enough: anomalies և illegal voting to: have turned over that: choice: from: Trump to: “Biden,” he wrote in an e-mail on December 4, 2020. But instead of proving it, he turned to arithmetic.

First, he wanted to get rid of the nearly 10,000 mail ballots that arrived after the statutory deadline, but within a grace period ordered by the state Supreme Court. He went on to say that the percentage of ballots rejected by mail had dropped from 4% to 0.34%, so he advised throwing away some of the remaining ballots in proportion to the total percentage of absentee votes received by each candidate.

“Then having done that: Mathematics, you would like to be left: with: significant Trump to lead that: should: strengthen that: argument for that: Legislative body Acceptance: a slate from: Trump voters –perfect inside your power to: to do in any case, but: now:
has been strengthened that: immaculate Popular: to vote. “

The idea was a slightly more sophisticated version of what Trump would try in Georgia a month later when he begged Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger. somehow invent enough votes to give him a victory. “All I want to do is this. “I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we have won the state,” he said.

Putting aside the poisonous motive, Eastman’s plan had obvious flaws. First, 10,000 votes was not included approved in the electoral total, however. Second, they would not all be on Biden’s side. And third, how The Washington Post:Philip Bump calculatesBiden would win a majority even if he applied Eastman’s mathematics.

But in the end, the biggest insurmountable task of turning Pennsylvania into Trump’s state was that Joe Biden won significantly more votes in Pennsylvania than Donald Trump. There were early warning signs, as Diamond confessed to Eastman, writing: “Frankly said, Trump Legal team was failed to provide credentials during inaccurate stellar PA hearings from: them witnesses, and: made of: “It is a clear mistake to claim that more ballots were returned than sent by mail.”

Mathematical tricks were not the only idea discussed. Diamond also shared a draft resolution with Eastman, who complained that the state Supreme Court had usurped electoral power that properly belonged to the legislature by extending the ballot deadline by changing the signature verification criteria. But these issues were disputed,: the legislator did not have the right to simply decide that since he did not like the result of the legal process, he could recognize it or ignore it.

The impudent reasoning behind the Eastman bill also appears in the reversal of the Electoral Counting Act. In his correspondence with Diamond, he wrote that the objections in the US Congress regarding the voter lists will probably fail. “ONLY IF: both of them houses then: agree to: that: objection is: that: slate is considered invalid If: that: House no agree to: that: objection how is: almost certain (թ: to vote: being here the majority sooner than: by states), then: that: objection is: not stored and slate is: to count. “

In January, however, he put forward the idea that Vice President Mike Pence could reject the voter list on his own initiative. (Pence disagreed, refused to do so, Biden declared winner.) Nothing in federal law changed at the time. The only thing that changed was that Eastman’s previous attempts failed. He had to look elsewhere “to get some coverage.”

Despite everything we already knew paper coup showed it, Eastman’s e-mail proves once again that MAGA’s goal was never about the sanctity of elections. It was planning Trump’s victory by all possible means. The ploy failed in 2020, but since then Trump supporters have made concerted efforts to seize the offices that control elections across the country. Many of them will work from Eastman’s premise that the election administration must ensure the result it has already chosen.

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