A more harmonious connection to the Warriors defense for most of Game 2’s comeback against the Mavericks

SAN FRANCISCO – Here are five observations Warriors126-117 Return of the 2nd game Mavericksbringing them two victories in the NBA Finals.

1. Thirteen third quarter points

Take a look at Steve Kerry և Mike Brown at the top of this screen. Both coaches raised their fists in the air near the half, trying to warn their five defenders to cross the belt on this particular ball. A double fist is a sign.

As mastery materializes, և you can see it in slow motion և in the following sequence: Draymond Green (the captain of that defense) Both hands are in the air. He does not control anyone. He is planted in the right district, his place in the zone, trying to warn everyone to retreat to their stations.

But his teammates are in a mixed-person scheme. Andrew Wiggins is pressure Luka Doncic coming out on the field. Clay Thompson is behind Reggie Bullock in trouble. John Looney remained in no one’s country. Ceylan Branson wide open in the right arm. This is a huge gap in coverage caused by schematic clutter.

In this series, the defensive challenge for the Warriors is much more difficult than in the first two rounds. It is almost impossible to keep Doncic in the approach of five exits, where the four teammates around him can draw three. To defend well in Game 1, the Warriors kept changing their appearance. Jason Kidd later said that he was impressed that the Warriors could change their defensive approach during the flight without inviting a timeout to discuss.

It requires an extreme level of vigilance and organization. All five players must search for the side call, see the directions, remember their assignment, and do it in real time. If someone does not do it, it leads to failures և hitting 3s as above.

The Mavericks were hot in the first half. They scored 72 points, hit 15 3 seconds, rising to 19. But the Warriors, unlike Game 1, were more defensively defensive, shuffling covers or taking too long to defend against Donchich.

That changed in the second half. Covers and rotations were clearer, shooting contests were closer, glances were harder, misses were more frequent. In the third quarter, the Mavericks scored from 2 to 2 with 11, and in the second half they scored only 6 of 3 goals each.

Donchich joined Carrie in this particular third quarter. In this scenario, the Warriors do not want to leave Kari on the island. Part of their coverage plan is to send an extra body after Doncic dribbling. He starts to put Carrie back in the paint, so Wiggins jumps on him, who leaves. Spencer Dinwidi on the left arm alone.

Donchich spins և reading Dinvidi correctly. He never misses that transfer. But: Jordan Poole rolls around the corner to remove the 3rd from Dinvidi, who swings it to the corner for Reggie Bullock. Otto Porter Jr. helps the assistant jump out of the block to raise his long arm to disturb Bullock 3. He misses, Carrie nodded.

A similar scenario. Donchich does it against Kari on the right wing. Wiggins comes in for a double. Donchich throws it at Dinvidi. Wiggins simply does not allow him to line up 3. He jumps back and raises his hand. The pool blocks out Dorian Finney-Smith. The Warriors takes a swing and hits it … It was close.

There is some success in Warriors’ defensive approach. The Mavericks will continue to break indecently for 3 seconds. They tried 48 in the first game and 45 in the second. That’s 93 overall. The Warriors took only 57.

This is where they are in 2018 Missiles comparisons gain legs. If Dallas is hot, the Warriors are cooking. If the Mavericks freeze, the Warriors will run away from them. Kerr said he told the Warriors during the break, after Dallas had 15 3s each, that he would “hit them in the back” if they repeated it, because if anyone was playing 30 3, “they They deserve victory. “

“But when you buy 2 for 13, you rely for 3, you can die for 3,” said Jason Kidd. “We died in the third quarter, firing three times, only two.”

Part of it was luck. Part of that was more harmoniously related Warriors defense.

2. Koon Loon is a solid interior

Draymond Green made three laps in the first quarter, which were terrible for the Warriors. He admitted his fifth foul և almost the second technical foul in the third quarter with a very energetic sequence. His sixth foul took place at a reckless distance of 90 feet from the ring, giving Luka Doncic two free throws, disqualifying him overnight.

Green’s finish line – six points, six fouls, four turns. In his 28 minutes, the Warriors were 19 points ahead. Usually, this type of Draymond night is a playoff execution for the Warriors. They usually need him to play great, or at least average, to have a chance.

But not in the second game. The Warriors overcame Green’s worst playoff game as Looney finished the top three of his career with 21 points, 12 rebounds, and went off the field clearing the board. , keeping the interior և survives when connecting to Donchich.

“I played against him when I was young (back in Milwaukee), he was 40,” Poole said.

But Looney has never scored more than 19 goals in a playoff game, never more than 15 goals in a regular season. Before that 21 in the second game.

“In the finals of the Western Conference, 20 is still 20 in the league playoffs,” Poole said. “He was talking about how he scored more points than me in a game several times earlier in the regular season. … Lun is a dog. “He has always been a dog.”

3. Moody minutes

While preparing for their preliminary series, the Warriors’s coaching staff felt that the fourth regular-season game against the Mavericks was the most informative. Dallas spent the entire fourth quarter blitzing Steph Curry, grabbing it by the hand and forcing others to beat them. They felt that Kidd would do a lot in the conference finals.

While watching the film, however, they were reminded Moses Moodyperformance. In the fourth quarter, the Warriors used Moody as Carrie’s screenwriter հաճախ he was often left alone after Dallas trapped Carrie. Moody made the Mavericks play. He made all five of his shots and scored 13 points.

“He was huge in (that) fourth quarter,” Kerr said. “We kind of had Moses in mind for this series.”

Kerr had not been to Moody for seven quarters. But: Damion Lee He missed the door. Lee took five rough minutes to open the second quarter. He missed a pair of 3. Then he became entangled Dr. Bertans in the corner, painting double tech. He then played rough on Bertans before the ball bounced, which resulted in a penalty kick. He then bit the fake Bertans pump, closing the three-point ball.

When that rotation shift happened again in the second half, Kerr went to Moody before Lee. The newcomer opened the fourth quarter and played steadily enough to stay on the floor for the next 10 minutes. The Warriors were 10 points ahead of the Mavericks when they were on the floor.

“Size,” Kerr said. “She is OK. He is a very physical player. He is ready. You saw the game he played in his pocket, where he studied, went to the edge and put it. So Moses has a real peace of mind. He does not look like a 19-year-old newcomer. “

Here is the play that Kerr is referring to.

Moody’s apt experience probably means another chance in that second unit to open the second quarter of Game 3 in Dallas on Sunday.

4. Wiggins mirror

At the end of the first quarter, Kerr tried to catch Wiggins’ breath, and for a few minutes he pulled him out, saying that Donchich’s example kept him on the floor to close the quarter. It turned out to be wrong.

As Wiggins no longer served as the main defender, the aggressive Doncic did not play at a normal, patient pace, waiting on the screen before choosing his next move. He just got the ball and attacked Thompson, who was assigned to Doncic. Donchich passed two easy bucket edges right next to him.

Then Kerr immediately returned the game to Wiggins, realizing the mistake. I think that, without any unfavorable problems, Kerr will try to reflect Wiggins’s minutes with Donchich’s minutes for the rest of the series. Without: Gary Peyton IIThe Warriors do not really have another legal main defender on Donchich.

5. Two clays

Mavericks uses an aggressive but dangerous defense strategy. They walk around the 3-point line, almost always tied to Thompson on the perimeter, although they have no edge defense in the back of the game. It opens the paint. if the Warriors are patient enough to allow the game to develop վել eventually attack.

Draw the points in the 2nd game. Warriors 62, Mavericks 30. Four of the loudest spots in that paint were scored by Thompson in the second half. He has sometimes shown in this series that he is thirsty to get out of 3, even though Dallas is taking them. In the second half, he immediately passed that super game in the half for two rare ducks.

“They literally don’t even take a body from him, no matter where he is,” Carrie said. “Pin-downs play quite well. Thus, he got several back entries in the first game. There is space outside և we just have to really save our time և take what they give us. In 48 you will find some clean looks. When we get into trouble, it is when we just try, we do not respond. We just decided և no matter what they do, we can hit a few hard or fast. It plays in their hands. “

Here are the videos և Curry sound bite.

(Photo of Clay Thompson drowning against Mavericks: Kelly L. Cox / USA Today)

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