A Nise One:

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In a frozen mixing bowl, add the absinthe, gin, green chard, yellow chard, the bitter stalk of an old dog with a barrel և hair. Add the ice, stir until well cooled (enjoy the cold ice, which affects the turbidity of the drink). Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail. Add a few drops of Elixir Vegetal, then garnish with lemon zest and star anise.


Anise, herbs, sugar, citrus on the nose. A similar taste with accents of malt և honey, which goes well with anise և herbal notes. Cream-sugar sensation in the mouth, the end is smooth anise, long on the tongue with sweetness.

A Nise One 2:


Because I happen to be hosting this month Mixology Monday (click: here: for the bucket), I wanted to experiment Anise taste in several different ways. The first drink I made, The Handy Bird:is a brandy / whiskey-based drink with anise accents that looks like Sazerac:. In case the ingredient did not give it, A Nise One: It’s all about the anise և herbal flavors.

A Nise One 5:

I drank (և prepared) several drinks of several kinds Chartreuse: (check Chartrulep: during the derby next year) և I found the combination to be less superfluous than I had imagined. A Nise One: The idea is overemphasized, with an emphasis on vegetable spirits, which also have a slight anise flavor. Although the version I mentioned above is quite wonderful, this style of cocktail can easily be made in different, less, or I dare say more “aniseed” with herbal spirits.

A Nise One 3:

I wanted to add a basic spirit to round the body. The possibilities seemed endless. I do not think you can be wrong gin, whiskey, rum:և etc. I chose the barrel aging genever:because, first of all, it’s me stuck on things, և second, because Malt The taste is well combined with anise / herbal notes, և the body fits well between whiskey ինի gin և. Make it at home with something else, if you do not have genes, it will still taste good, I promise.

By the way, do not forget to have fun during these months Mixology Monday. Prepare something անիսեյ: և its link in the announcement post here: to be part of at the end of these months.

A Nise One:

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