A woman from the state of Minnesota falls into the wet concrete, trying to avoid the police

A Minnesota woman trying to run away from police after she allegedly hit a stop sign was stuck in the concrete after crossing a barricade across a still-dirty street.

An unnamed 53-year-old Rochester woman plunged 150 feet into freshly poured concrete before falling into a swamp, causing $ 30,000 to $ 40,000 in damage.

There have been numerous complaints against a woman who reportedly used to drive around the city shouting about religion. In fact, the police tried to throw him down about an hour ago, reports BRE TV:. He apparently continued on his way, giving some red lights, and another police officer tried to stop him at around 5:30, KAAL said.

When the officer turned on the lights and signals, the woman allegedly shouted into her microphone. I’m being pulled over, “said Amanda Grayson, Rochester Police Crime Prevention and Communications Coordinator. Twin Cities Pioneer Press:.

The woman then turned around in the oncoming traffic, “accelerating at high speed, trying to escape,” police said.

The officer was stopped because he was ordered not to pursue them, as long as the wanted person behaves so carelessly, which threatens his health and life, Forum News reports. As it turned out, the officer had to wait.

“It immediately fell to the floor,” said Robert CheManko of Chippewa Concrete, who told the store he had just laid the cement. “He tried to turn his tires to keep going, but he just couldn’t.”

The woman then shouted to refuse to get out of the car because she had been arrested, CeManko said. The car was removed from the hardening cement and towed 15 to 20 minutes later, he said.

He was charged with two counts of running away from police in a car, one count of causing first-degree damage to property and lack of insurance, Forum News reported. He was taken to hospital for a mental health assessment. KTTC-TV: reports.

CeManko spent the next two hours restarting the cement.

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