Adams pressures state lawmakers and courts to resolve New York gun violence. “Start condemning these shooters”

NEW YORKMayor Eric Adams it increases the efforts of state legislatures and courts to take action New York City The problem of gun violence.

It happens when a teenager is accused of shooting an innocent teenager queens Attempted murder has been charged, CBS2 host John Diaz reported on Thursday.

What started as: Chaotic scene near Maspet High School A 15-year-old man was detained on Wednesday. The teenager faces a list of murder attempt charges, including carrying a loaded weapon on school premises.

Police charge the teenager shot the 17-year-old son of a New York police officer who was walking home. He is expected to be OK, և spies do not believe he was the intended target.

Police arrested a couple of 15-year-olds for questioning, but they were released after investigators found that no one had pulled the trigger.

Separately, in BronxThe 22-year-old continues to be in critical condition was filmed in a park near Yankee Stadium the same day.

Many people are afraid of the worst as summer approaches.

“It’s getting hotter, people are getting crazier,” said Jamie Best of Arlyan Harlem. “I do not hope there will be a summer without weapons.”

Lisa Osorio, who lives in East Flatbush, BrooklynHe thinks about leaving the city because of gun violence.

“We are all vulnerable to bad things in New York,” Osorio said.

It is Mayor Adams Satisfied և continues to raise his voice disappointments.

“We are not afraid of our struggle. “We know what we are up against,” Adams said Thursday. “We need help. We are going to continue to do our part, but we need help. We need to gather strength here. “

Adams is pressuring the New York State legislature to help curb the rise in gun violence, especially after A 32-year-old policeman was shot by a man who had a gun stolen this week.

The suspect, 25-year-old Ramik Smith, was waiting for the verdict for another crime; he should not have taken to the streets. according to Adams.

“Close our courts. Start condemning these shooters. “Change the parts of the law that allow shooters to return to our streets,” Adams said.

The mayor said the NYPD and his administration were doing their part, citing the highest number of gun arrests in 28 years.

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