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E:broken up a piece of chewing gum? He broke his spirit, I mean. He chewed it for so long, so unnoticed, with mechanical fury, that its molecular structure finally collapsed, it dissolved in your mouth in a kind of traumatic putty. I’ve only done this once in my life, after what we used to call a ‘night’s dance floor in London, but I was very impressed.

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At first I was impressed with myself, the madman who chewed all night. Then I started thinking about a piece of chewing gum. Its elasticity. His flexibility. How many hours did he give me a thoughtless grin before I killed him with my forceful jaws? Its fragrant dowry is mint. cinnamon? – consumed in the first five minutes; After that it was pure endurance, pure internal technology, movement և resistance, until dawn rose white, և everything fell apart.

Chewing gum is not the art of the maid, it is not opium or Earl Gray, but it enhances concentration. It helps you keep things going. Perhaps because it feels almost autonomous, like something our body cares about without us, the act of chewing alleviates anxiety and irrigates the brain. “Dad,” my son asked me last week, “do you think you have ADHD?” “No,” I said, “but I’m pretty lazy.” If the selection is made within the “43rd viewing” of the two-hour burst state Woman’s scent, I will choose the last one. So I need my chewing gum. It lets me know that I work.

Of course, when it served its purpose, it is quite disgusting. Used chewing gum, chewed gum. “What I do is me. That’s why I came, “wrote Gerard Manley Hopkins, a big fan of Trident Original Flavor. And the great rejection of chewing gum to give up its egg, to be something other than what it is, eventually becomes a small problem. How to manage it? I like to throw it out of the window of a moving car. It is not really a long-term solution.

Someone at school told me that if you swallow gum, it will wrap around your heart. Amazing picture. So chew, people. These chewing gum handles are really small monuments to think about. They remember the parts of the mind. Thoughts fly, but the chewing gum remains. Take it on your shoes, wrap it around your heart, think of me.

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