Al Jazeera journalist killed in Israeli offensive in Jordan’s West Bank CBC News

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said an Al Jazeera reporter had been shot dead as he was covering the Israeli offensive in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin on Wednesday morning.

Shirin Abu Akleh, a well-known Palestinian correspondent for the Arabic-language channel, was shot dead and soon died. A Palestinian journalist working for the Jerusalem-based Al-Quds newspaper was injured, but his condition is stable.

The Ministry of Health reported that the journalists were hit by Israeli fire. In the video of the incident, Abu Akleh wears a blue striped jacket with the word “PRESS” clearly marked on it.

The Israeli military says its forces were attacked with heavy weapons and explosives during an operation in Jenin, and that they returned fire. The military said it was “investigating the incident and investigating the possibility that journalists were beaten by Palestinian militants.”

Almost daily raids

In recent weeks, Israel has carried out almost daily raids on the occupied West Bank amid a series of deadly attacks inside Israel, many of which have been carried out by Palestinians in and around Jenin. The city և, in particular its refugee camp, has long been known as a militant stronghold.

Israel occupied the West Bank during the 1967 Middle East War, and the Palestinians want the area to be a major part of their future state. About three million Palestinians live in the area under Israeli military control. Israel has built more than 130 settlements along the West Bank, home to some 500,000 Jewish settlers with Israeli citizenship.

Israelis have long criticized Al Jazeera’s coverage, but the authorities generally allow its journalists to operate freely. Another Al Jazeera journalist, Givara Boudeiri, was briefly detained last year during a protest rally in Jerusalem and treated for a broken arm, which his employer accused of police brutality.

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