Alabama Prisoner Filed տի Prison Officer Accused of Assisting Him, Captured in Indiana | CBC News:

The suspect in the murder of an Alabama prison official, who is accused of escaping from custody, was arrested in Indiana on Monday after more than a week on the run, law enforcement officials said.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said the two fugitives were caught near Evansville, Indiana, after U.S. marshals chased a white pickup truck that crashed. Casey White, 38, was taken to hospital and Vicky White, 56, was taken to hospital, Singleton said. Vanderburg County Sheriff Dave Wedding said Vicky White shot himself after being chased and suffered serious injuries.

“Casey White and Vicky White are in custody,” Singleton said. “It’s the end of a very long, stressful, difficult week and a half. It ended the way we knew it would happen. They are in custody. “

WATCH |: The moment of escape.

The escape video shows the escape of the prisoner

Footage provided by the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama shows that Assistant Director of Corrections Vicky White walks out of jail Casey White, who is suspected of murder and has nothing to do with Vicky. The couple was re-arrested in Indiana on Monday after being released on April 29. 0:42:

Vanderburg County Sheriff Dave Wedding in Indiana said officials learned their car was near the sheriff’s office. When officers arrived, Casey and Vicky White fled in a car chasing police, he said. “US marshals have clashed with them to try to stop the persecution,” he said. Casey White was injured in a minor accident, “Vicky White then” shot himself, causing “very serious” injuries, he said.

“We are fortunate that no law enforcement agencies have been harmed, no innocent citizens have been harmed. “The persecution was short-lived, and both are in custody,” said Widing.

National hunt

The two, who are not related, have been the target of a nationwide hunt since April 29, when Vicky White, Lauderdale County Jail Correctional Assistant, allegedly helped Casey White, who was awaiting trial, escape. in the case of the death penalty. Vicky White told her colleagues that she was taking the prisoner to court for a mental health assessment, but instead the two fled the area.

Casey White was serving a 75-year prison sentence for attempted murder and other charges.

“We took a dangerous man off the street today. He will never see the light of day again. This is a good thing not only for our community. “It’s a good thing for our country,” Singleton said.

The truck was found Monday in Evansville, Indiana, after U.S. Marshals received a hint on Sunday that they had seen a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup truck at a city car wash, the Marshall Service said. Surveillance photos showed a man who looked very much like Casey White getting out of a car wash, officials said.

The couple had a special relationship, according to the prisoners

Investigators believe the pickup truck was stolen in Tennessee and then driven about 280 kilometers to Evansville, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press. The official could not discuss the details of the investigation publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Vicky White’s family members and colleagues said they were amazed by her participation. Singleton said that in the background, it seemed that the plan was being worked out for some time. Prison inmates said the two had a special relationship, he treated Casey White better than the other inmates. He recently sold his house to buy what would become an escape car, which authorities later found abandoned in Tennessee.

“This escape was obviously well planned and calculated. Great preparations have been made for that. “They had a lot of resources, they had cash, they had vehicles,” Singleton said.

The Marshall Service said that on May 2, Vicky Sue White was charged with allowing or facilitating a first-degree escape.

Federal law enforcement has learned that Casey White threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, his sister, in 2015, saying he “wanted the police to kill him,” the Marshall Service said. Investigators said they had been in contact with them about the threats and were taking steps to ensure their safety.

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