Amare Studemayer resigns as Nets’s assistant, criticizes Kairy Irving’s absence

We have many ways to show it Brooklyn NetsThis year the season did not go as planned. Most of them, despite their work, are currently sitting at home Mr. Durant – but the coaching assistant who uses ESPN announces that he is leaving and then calls Kairi Irving is quite pictorial.

Former NBA star Amare Studemayer has spent the last two seasons as an assistant to former teammate Steve Nash’s coaching staff. In a series of speeches on ESPN on Thursday, he revealed that he will not return to Brooklyn after coming out of the second consecutive disappointing playoffs.

And then Studemayer started talking about Kairy Irving.

In: discussion Steven A. With Smith on The First Step. Studemayer openly admitted that Irving missed most of the season for refusing to be vaccinated, damaging the Nets’ ability to form a functioning team.

“It simply came to our notice then. It definitely hurt us because we didn’t have enough backwardness with Kairi to create chemistry in the group with the team. He only plays away games, depending on the city, he can not play in New York, so you have different lineups, different matches depending on the schedule.

“So it was difficult for us, the coaches, to find out who was going to play, despite Kairi. Chemistry is not where we want it to be, so it was difficult for us to control it. So yes, that’s a definite part. of it”.

Irving’s status was in Brooklyn Active discussion topic: since the Nets were eliminated Boston Celtics in the first round.

The team had many problems – age, lack of coaching Ben Simmons among them, but CEO Sean Marx He stressed that the team needs players who will be “available” after the new conference. Studemayer apparently agrees, և it’s hard to imagine him being alone in the Nets.

Kairi Irving և The Nets are facing an uncertain season. (AP Photo / John Minchillo)

At the same time, Irving, who has a player version for next season, said he looked forward to continuing to run the organization alongside Durant, Marx’s team owner Joseph Jae.

Meanwhile Talking to Max Kellerman և Jaylen Rose “Stand Up” Studemayr applauded Marx for trying to control the situation.

“I think Sean Marx is doing a great job trying to get power back in his hands, to make sure he’s in control. But I think he really’s going to sit down with Kinsey Ki Ki. Because Cairo, since he signed the Nets, has missed more games than he has played.

“So I think you should talk. Two of your star players should sit in the room and say: “Kiri, what is your goal?” Do you want to be the best player in the game? Do you want to do more? What are your goals for this league? And if they both understand that “hey, we want to make this special here, we want to win the championship, և he’s obliged to play those games, then I think you’ll bring him back.”

While Studemayer was rude about Irving’s problems with the Nets, he retaliated when Smith argued that the team should get rid of Nash or the whale defender. He even claimed that Irving was humiliated by the NBA’s 75th birthday team, which is an argument for another day.

“I do not agree with that. I think both Steve and Cairo can understand that. I feel that Cairo should make a commitment to his basketball game. about how much he owes to be a great player, because I think Kairi should have been in the Top 75. But at the same time, you have to take it as a motivation to enter the next season, to prove to yourself that you are a top player, to do it consistently throughout the season. «

We’ll see if Irving and Nash finally get it to work, or when the dot keeper will get the message.

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