Amazon is building its first fully autonomous mobile storage robot


Amazon will soon deploy the Proteus robot in performance-sorting centers.


Amazon unveiled its own on Wednesday The first fully autonomous mobile robot for warehouses. The robot, called Proteus, will soon be deployed in performance centers և sorting centers, 10 years after Amazon started its robotics business with the acquisition of robotics firm Kiva Systems.

The e-commerce giant has long said that its ultimate goal is to create storage robots that to work “next” to people, not to replace them. Unlike other storage robots, Proteus can actually work safely “next to” humans.

“It has historically been difficult to safely integrate robotics into the same physical space as humans,” explains Amazon. Blog post:. “We believe Proteus will change that by staying smart, secure and collaborative.”

Thanks to advanced security, perception and navigation technologies, Proteus can move around people on its own while doing its job, so it should not be confined to confined spaces.

The robot, which looks like a Roomba, will first be deployed for GoCarts, a non-automated, wheelchair used to transport packages through devices. It slides right under GoCart, lifts it and takes it where it needs to go. Automating work with such a GoCart should help reduce the need for people to move heavy objects by hand, says Amazon.



Amazon also shared that it is developing a prototype robot called Cardinal, which can serve packages weighing up to 50 pounds. It uses AI և computer vision to select one package from a pile of packages, to elevate it, to read the label, to place it accurately in GoCart. Using Cardinal speeds up package development time by turning batch-based manual work into continuous, automated work.

Amazon expects to deploy the technology in performance centers next year.

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