Amazon is launching CodeWhisperer, an AI pairing tool like GitHub Copilot, TechCrunch.

At its Re: Mars Conference, Amazon today announced Launching CodeWhisperer, an AI-based programming tool similar to GitHub’s Copilot, which can automatically complete all functions based on just one comment or a few keyboards. The company has developed a system that currently supports Java, JavaScript, Python, open source public access to billions of lines, its own database, and publicly accessible documents in public forums.

It is now available as part of the preview AWS IDE toolkitwhich means developers can use it directly within their preferred IDEs, including Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm, and Amazon’s own AWS Cloud 9. Support for the AWS Lambda Console will also be available soon.

Ahead of today’s announcement, Amazon vice president Vassi Filomin, who is responsible for its AI services, stressed that the company simply did not create it to offer a copy of Copilot. He noted that back CodeGuru:its AI code reviewer and performance profile, և DevOps guru:To find its tool operational problems, the company laid the groundwork for today’s operation a few years ago.

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«In: to think that: technology: is: the time a point where: we: he thought it: was that: That’s right time: to: to do “That,” said Philomin. «And: it: fits beautiful with: that: other: pieces that: they have. It is was a travel և: we have just done different parts: the time different times. ”

Internally, Amazon is testing the service with only a handful of developers, mostly to keep the ad private.

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The company states that the system is constantly studying your code և comments և even taking into account your own coding style և variable names. Using this contextual information, և where your cursor is, it will create its own code snippets.

It should be noted that CodeWhisperer does some things that are different from Copilot. One is that most of the code generated by the system is new; each time it generates code that is close to an existing part of its training data, it will mark it to underline the license for that original function. The developer then has to decide whether to use it or not. This should alleviate some (if not all) of the copyright concerns that may arise with the use of such a tool.

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Another factor highlighted by Philomin is security. Drawing on Amazon’s own experience managing large code databases հետո after debating when things go wrong (using its official “correction of mistakesProcess), as well as his experience with CodeGuru, Codewhisperer will scan the code for possible security issues.

“Security is always important at AWS, so we want to make sure the code we create is secure,” said Philomin. “It is now clear that we have created the code, և the developer can change it, և so the Codewhisperer can say: run a scan of the current source file. “I will scan for security, tell you any problems, security vulnerabilities in generated or modified code.”

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Philomin also stressed that the team worked hard to ensure that the code created by Codewhisperer did not generate any biased code. However, when that happens, the team introduces filters to remove the code automatically.

The actual user / developer experience is fairly straightforward. Developers can choose between different code suggestions (there were usually at least two options in the display I saw). It can fill in the comments կառ will offer functions based on those comments. A simple example of this would be something # See if the number is clear.

And while the system will work well for developers outside of the AWS ecosystem, Philomin noted that the team has worked hard to ensure that it will work well for developers who want to use it to access AWS services (think # Create a S3 bucket):

“When we say that it has first-class support for the AWS API, it is only additional material. “In all our measurements, in all our tests, we think it’s very good, it will be modern,” he said. Since developers can now test the service, we’ll probably know soon how well it works and how it compares to projects like Copilot. However, if there is one thing, it is great to have more choices in this area (մեկը someone is definitely going to break up a project that will automatically submit offers from several pairs of programming AIs).

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