Amy Purdy’s dog was shocked to see her posture for the first time in a moving video

Amy Purdy is a three-time Paralympic medalist. Dancing with the stars Contest participant ա Paralympic snowboarding pioneer, but for her cub, Huckleberry, she’s just her mother. And he turned into a viral video where Purdy shared where he sees his positions for the first time.

Though video Posted on Monday morning, it has already garnered more than 2.5 million views during that time. The video is titled “The first time Huckleberry saw me standing. “She was so anxious, sweet,” he said adorable baby.

In the caption, Purdy explains that he has been in a wheelchair for the past two years, that it was the first time Huckleberry had ever seen his position. In the video, the dog looks at him, and back to the cameraman, he finally comes to Purd to love pets.

“She is so confused,” the screen captions continued. “He does not know what to think.”

The commentators were surprised by Huckleberry’s reaction to Purdy’s standing.

“He looked back as if to say, ‘Should he do that?'” @ Angiejames59 wrote.

“He looks back like … do you see this ???” @ medusa_jojo wrote:

“He looks like ‘where are you?’ Wrote @ butch.cant.sleep.

“Once I had long hair, I cut it, entered the room, my dog ​​was barking at me while I was talking,” @sslumerican wrote.

“I like how he does not jump on you, but jumps on the cameraman the way he knows how to be careful,” wrote @lilmaddiebaddie.

Amy Purdi, who was shown here on the second day of the 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic Games, has been using a wheelchair for the past two years, so her dog was shocked when she first saw her standing in a viral TikTok.
Maddie Meyer / Getty

Another viral clipPurdy shared his story about losing his legs. In the video, he says that he signed a contract 22 years ago Bacterial meningitis. Doctors gave him a 2 percent chance of survival, but he recovered after losing his spleen, kidney function, hearing in one ear, and losing both legs below the knee.

“I fought to walk again. My father gave me one of his kidneys. I learned to snowboard again. I even became a three-time Paralympic medalist Dancing with the stars. I married the love of my life, I wrote it New York Times: The bestseller եմ I have shared my story all over the world, ”says Purdin in the video. “You never know when your deviation will lead you to your destiny.”

In addition to her success as an athlete-motivational speaker, Purdin and her husband Daniel Gale founded Adaptive Action Sports, an organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities enter the world of extreme sports. Martin Purdy retired as a Paralympian after a 13-year career.

Newsweek: He turned to Purdue for comment.

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