An 8-year-old boy in a backpack at Chicago school has exploded, the mother is accused

A Chicago mother has been charged with endangering a child a gun in his second-grade backpack at an accidentally missed schoolPolice said on Wednesday that they had insulted a 7-year-old classmate.

On Wednesday, the 28-year-old woman appeared in court with 3 offenses of endangering a child. The judge ordered his release from Cook County Jail on $ 1,000 bail.

Prosecutors said the woman’s 8-year-old son found the gun under her bed and took it to the Walt Disney Magnet school in North Side on Tuesday. The mother has a valid firearm identification card.

According to the police, the backpack was in the boy’s classroom, when the gun was unloaded just before 10 o’clock on Tuesday morning. The Chicago Sun-Times: reports that the prosecutors said during the session that the ball was torn from the ricochet and hit the child’s abdomen. The police informed that the child was taken to hospital in good condition.

In a letter to the parents, the school principal said that the bullet “caused a ricochet of some debris in your child’s class, which hit a member of our school community and caused minor scratches.” The school did not respond to a request for comment on Wednesday.

The teacher then took the backpack and gave it to the security guards who found a Glock 19 pistol inside, prosecutors said during the court hearing.

The woman’s lawyer, Roger Clark, admitted that the gun should have been closed, not just put under the bed. But he said: “It was not something he planned or did voluntarily.”

Cook County Sheriff Michael Hogan was not impressed.

“This may not have been a deliberate act, but it is a very careless act,” he said.

He continued. “We are centimeters away, possibly centimeters, from very different cases, from very different tragedies.”

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