An important contribution to family planning for future generations. BKKBN – ANTARA News:

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Family Planning Program (KB) is a long-term potential investment for quality Indonesian Human Resources (HR), according to the National Agency for Population and Family Planning (BKKBN).

“One in four children under the age of five in Indonesia is stunted, which is characterized by malnutrition, recurrent infections, and underdevelopment due to unsupportive environmental stimuli,” said Eka Sulistia Edining, Director of Communications, Information and Education at BKKBN. here in the written announcement received on Saturday.

Ediningsih noted that stunting had long-term consequences for children under the age of five and had a devastating effect on the future of children as Indonesia’s next generation.

In Indonesia, prevention և rehabilitation is needed to reduce childhood stunting. Understanding the community is also an important part of expanding education on the effects of stunting, he said.

Thus, the family planning program can fully support the commitment of the Indonesian government, as it can reduce the prevalence of malnutrition in order to achieve excellent human resources for developed Indonesia, Ediningsih said.

“Family planning is an important aspect that needs to be prepared after marriage. “Family planning is part of the effort to prevent stunting,” he said.

BKKBN has worked with partners across the country to prevent the development of chronic diseases due to stunted children.

One of the steps to accelerate the reduction of stunting is to launch a series of activities, such as family planning services for 148 recipients at Sadeva Women և Children’s Hospital (RSKIA) in Sleman District, Yogyakarta, և to launch a Foster Care program for families with stunted children.

The Foster Care Program for families at risk of stunting is implemented by involving the Family Assistance Team (TPK), local authorities and families as foster parents.

Later, the Guardian Father will provide assistance to families at risk of stunting.

“Short children need animal protein. “The foster fathers will help support the implementation of ‘Healthy Cuisines’ by providing the family with local food or fish-based supplements every day for six months,” he said.

The program includes the Family Assistance Team as supervisors to ensure that the assistance provided is best used to meet the children’s nutritional needs.

In addition to planning births and intervening in the feeding of children, BKKBN also continues to increase the dissemination of information about malnutrition to the public through a cultural approach.

“Through a cultural approach, this message և information will be easier for the public to understand,” he added.

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