An untold story

Alcohol has always fascinated me since I was a child. Not the act of drinking, but the history, the culture, the whispers that go with it. I grew up with stories about Prohibition, Bottling, and my great-uncle, Frank, who was a gossip. He was telling me to avoid the law by supplying alcohol to Alabama shadow figures. And I had heard this kind of story not only from my great uncle, but also from my father, who had been telling me jokes since he was a teenager, stealing whiskey from a local vendor and helping him. to sound

Listening to these tales as a child, I had the impression that the stories of blacks investing in the spirits industry were well known. Then I grew up drinking enough to know better.

Start digging և you will see little recognition of these investments. Deleting blacks in an area that has made money from blacks is certainly harmful, but there are some positive stories. Meanwhile, brands such as: Royal crown և: Hennessy They have embraced the culture of love, and many have kept the investment in the skin secret until recently. Take Jack Daniels, who just a few years ago admitted to being a torrent Nearby green taught the original Jack Daniels how to distill his whiskey. Today, other stories about such groups of black producers are finally becoming known BS Union of Bourbons և: Kentucky Bourbon Guild show the industry that blacks love bourbon; teach their members the story of anonymous blacks who have long influenced the liquor industry.

And then there is rum. It took me a long time to overcome my contempt for a spirit so ingrained in the colony. Born in the Caribbean sugar cane plantations, Rome was based on slavery. Many of Rome’s stories were told mostly by white marketers and writers. However, as with whiskey, some progress has been made in the rum world. Ten to one և: EquianoFor example, there are two new rumes belonging to the slaughterers, which change the history of rum, introduce the collective spirit of the history, heritage and culture of the Caribbean, and at the same time break down the harmful lines that have been preserved for a long time.

“I would still like to hear and see more stories about many blacksmiths, bartenders, and botleggers whose names have disappeared over time.”

It’s been years, but in the liquor industry, African-American tales that I thought were popular as children are finally reaching the wider community. I would still like to hear և see more stories about the many slaughterers, bartenders, and botlegars whose names have disappeared over time. I want people to have fun with stories that have made me so happy and proud as a child. I want our stories to be told so that everyone knows that skins were present when the world’s favorite liquor brands were being created. I want the world to know that we did the damn thing. Our investments should not be kept secret anymore! We are part of the past և past: of the alcohol industry, և we are certainly part of its future.

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