Andor Sneak Peek. Your first look at Diego Luna’s “Star Wars” TV series – E! online

This series will make us see Star Wars under a new light (sword).

May 26 at Disney + has released the first trailer Diego Moon– headed Star Wars line, Andor. Exploring a new perspective on the galaxy, the series follows “Cassian Andor [Luna] “A journey to discover the difference he can make,” the host’s description reads. “The series tells the story of a growing rebellion against the empire, about how people and the planets were involved. “This is an era full of dangers, deceptions and intrigues, where Cassian will take the path that is destined to make him a rebellious hero.”

Along with Luna, the spy thriller series, which will premiere on August 31, will take place five years ago. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story:– stars Jenny O’Reilly, Stella Skarsgարդrd, Adria Aryona, Denise Goff և: Step Soler.

The trailer opens when someone calls the gong, և people run and hide. “They are so proud of themselves,” Cassian said in the trailer. “So fat and satisfied.”

Mon Mothma says, “They are everywhere,” referring to the empire. “Now they are looking at me.”

While the trailer continues looking at the binoculars, Luthen adds:

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