Ant Anstead և ex-Christina Huck to meet with ‘mediator’ amid struggle over 2-year-old son custody

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Ant Anstead:43, և: Christina HackA 38-year-old 38-year-old boy is taking steps to help them resolve the issue of custody of their two-year-old son. Hudson. The former plans to meet with a “mediator” next week to talk about the joint parental struggle they went through after the divorce in October 2020, the documents obtained by the court. Us Weekly: to discover The required meeting will reportedly take place on June 15, just a month after it was confirmed that Ant had filed for Hudson’s full custody after he had previously agreed to share joint custody.

In his statement, Ant claimed that Christina did not provide a safe environment for their son because they were divorced. One of the various complaints included by Ant in the documents was that Christina allegedly brought Hudson back to him in January 2022, without revealing that he was positive for COVID-19. Us Weekly: reports. “My partner at the time [Renée Zellweger] “He was filming his new project, his COVID diagnosis stopped all production,” he said in court documents.

Christina Haack, Ant Ansted
Christina Huck թ Ant Enstede splits in 2020. (AFF-USA / Shutterstock)

Ant also reportedly mentioned in court documents Christina’s previous use of hallucinogenic Buffo Alvarius toad venom as an example that she was unfit for their son. He confessed that he smoked “Buffo toad” during his self-determination journey, in a post posted on social networks in July 2021. “It basically restored my brain ացրեց in 15 minutes it took away the anxiety of years,” he said of the experience.

Christina commented on Ant’s decision to have full custody of Hudson announcement: he gave HollywoodLife: on April 28. “What the Ant is doing makes me deeply sad. “If this was really about Hudson, as he puts it, it should have been settled with a private judge or mediator, as my lawyer suggested,” he said in a statement. “I have had my share of ups and downs, but I am a good mother, I love my children with all my heart, I will always protect them.”

Christina Haack, Ant Ansted
Christina Huck թ Ant Ensted has a two-year-old son named Hudson. (Susan Cordeiro / Shutterstock)

Prior to their recent release, Ant և Christina was married from 2018 until 2021, when their divorce ended after their divorce in 2020. After the divorce, the former lovers both went romantic. Christina got married Josh Hall In March 2021, և Ant went public with him relations With Renee in 2021

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