Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a keynote address at Galodet University

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke today at Galaudet University in Washington, D.C., the only university in the world where deaf-mute students live, study bilingual American Sign Language and English.

In his talk, Cook told undergraduates that his advice is to be guided by your values ​​throughout your life.

“What is needed to build a life that provides meaning and realization?” said Cook. “No one can answer that question for you, it includes me. There is no iPhone feature that can help. AI is good, but it’s not so good. However, I have one piece of advice I want to share. “It’s so important that it’s the only piece of advice I’ll share today. And this is the next thing, whatever you do, lead by your values. ”

Cook said that Apple’s goal has always been to create technology that enriches people’s lives, adding that the company can achieve this goal only by focusing relentlessly on its values, such as making technology accessible to all, ensuring that privacy is a fundamental human right. environmental responsibility.

The launch was broadcast live on YouTube.

Cook’s start was after the Apple TV + “CODA” movie. won the Oscar for Best Picture. The film revolves around a young woman named Ruby, who is the only listening member of the Deaf family. Using sign language, Ruby acts as a translator for her parents while working in her family’s difficult fishing boat business.

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