Apple’s 10 Stupidest Patents That Made People Lose Their Minds

iPhone laptop:

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Apple has a hermetic ecosystem with well-integrated software. This is a concrete benefit for owning the full range of Apple products – iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc. However, when it comes to hardware, Apple draws a clear line in the sand to blur the line between products less willingly than its competitors.

For example, Apple claims that the iPad will remain as a tablet, or that it contains the components needed to become a laptop. Conversely, a removable or convertible Mac probably never exist. Well, probably.

Thanks to A. submitted patent In 2017, we know that Apple is at least playing with the idea of ​​creating a strange hybrid device that will actually turn the iPhone into a laptop. You read that right, an iPhone:. The concept device is essentially a battery-powered screen, and when you put your iPhone in the slot where the trackpad is, it turns into a laptop. The phone provides all the experience by providing development, graphics, memory և storage.

In another iteration, the iPad is inserted into an aperture where the laptop screen is located, providing visual և power to what is essentially a standard notebook deck (keyboard, touch panel, etc.) և screen frame or bezels.

see secret product in Box below

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