Apple’s digital ID cards are now available to Maryland residents

The Apple Wallet app now supports Maryland state IDs and driver licenses, marking it as The second state after Arizona get a digital identification feature (through: MacRumors:): Free State residents can now use their iPhone or Apple Watch at some TSA checkpoints at participating airports. including Baltimore / Washington International և Reagan National. The iPhone will not carry the “picture” of the card, but only a way to transmit information to the receiving device, և you use biometrics to confirm the information sent to the device.

Digital IDs, however, do not replace physical ones. The Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website states that Law enforcement does not accept the Maryland Mobile ID, which means you still have to carry your wallet to drive or even fly. For now, the only advantage of a digital ID is that your physical ID can be locked at selected airports.

But this is just the beginning for the digital ID revolution, there will be some confusion along the way. So if you are looking forward to a future where you do not need to carry a wallet, then adoption will be key. Maryland instructional videos are available on the state website to help push back production cost we are more accustomed to seeing from Apple. That’s probably because Apple openly sealed for marketing control այլ Other aspects of the transaction with each state.

There is a concern that when law enforcement is able to obtain information through these devices, your iPhone will be distracted և they may ask you to hand over your phone or it will not work.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report last year «Identity crisisThe passage of digital IDs has identified a number of potential privacy threats that need to be addressed, including police access to people’s phones, surveillance of users’ data, and even longer-term issues such as possible extensions or requirements for the information contained. use remotely. Together with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) և Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), They asked a number of questions to the Department of Homeland Securityseeking to address these concerns before the widespread use of technology.

Adding a state ID to your iPhone requires an iPhone 8 or newer operating system running at least iOS 15.4, and the accompanying Apple Watch must be 4 or newer series running at least watchOS 8.4 by: Once you meet these requirements, you can click the “plus” button at the top right of the Wallet app, click on your Driver’s License or State ID, select your state, and then follow the instructions that include taking a photo of the front and back of your ID. You will need to move your face in certain directions on the camera, on a screen that looks like a Face ID settings screen.

When presenting the card digitally, the Wallet app tells you which parts of your ID will be shared. Biometric data are used for confirmation.
Image: MVA / Apple

The data will be passed to the state for verification, so the ID may not be available immediately upon completion of the process. However, once you have it, you can use it by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch near the TSA registration terminal. It will respond to your digital ID (similar to how the Apple Express Transit Card works in the subway or subway), and then your device will undergo additional testing to continue asking for permission.

That extra check means the pictures are being sent to the state, in my case Maryland, to confirm that I am the uploader. Apple: Overview of wallet ID privacy and security specify that it releases data when the process is complete.

Your ID data subset will be deleted from Apple servers as soon as your request is sent to the state. Your selfie և video of your movements will be deleted from Apple’s servers as soon as the issuing authority approves or refuses to add your ID to Apple Wallet.

Both Apple and Maryland claim that digital IDs are convenient, secure, and if technology is to be trusted, we finally have a way of identifying ourselves without passing on our personal information, which is usually physical. on the card.

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