Archbishop of San Francisco says MP Nancy Pelosi has no right to receive Holy Communion

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordilleone announced Friday that MP Nancy Pelosi will be barred from receiving Communion in response to her desire to codify abortion, highlighting the nation’s growing controversy as the Supreme Court considers whether to oust Wade Ron.

Her statement marks the latest clash between Cordilleone խոս’s Speaker and House of Representatives over the right to abortion, which defended Pelosi.

“After many attempts to speak to Speaker Pelosi to help him understand the grave evil he is committing, the scandal he is causing and endangering his soul, I have decided that he should not be admitted to the Holy Communion. “The archbishop tweeted about the Democratic Party of San Francisco, which represents one of the most liberal congressional districts in the country.

The move comes a year after Cordillione և San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy entered into a debate to exclude abortionists from the community, such as President Pelosi Biden, who is also a Catholic.

“I would say to those who support abortion. “This is a murder. Please stop the murder. “There is something you can do about it,” Cordillone said in an interview with the Catholic television network EWTN last year.

“The sacrament is armed, operated as an instrument of political war. That should not happen, “McElroy was quoted as saying by Jesuit magazine.

Cordilleone has challenged Pelosi towards him abortion position several times. In 2021 he answered, saying: “The Archbishop of San Francisco, that county, I’m at odds over who should decide that. I believe that God has given us free will to honor our responsibilities. ”

“I keep saying to people who say things like that, when you have five children in six years, one day, we can talk about what each of us has to say to the other, what to do,” Pelosi added. The San Francisco Chronicle. “For us, it was a complete, complete blessing that we enjoy every day of our lives, but it is not up to us how other people choose the size of their family և time.”

The archbishop’s statement received a strong response from some democratic forces.

“She is an 82-year-old woman who has been a devout Catholic all her life,” said one of Pelosi’s longtime observers, who declined to speak publicly before weighing in on the speaker. “We know he is a person. A deep-seated believer in secrecy’s likely to maintain his or her view that it’s something in his or her church’s not something he or she wants to publicly sue a family friend or by the enemy. “

Eric Jay, a longtime adviser to the Democratic Party of San Francisco who worked on the first Pelosi House campaign in 1987, called the archbishop’s move “so predictable.” From the day he arrived here, he pushed the ideological boundaries.

“He may be the Archbishop of San Francisco, but he is not from San Francisco,” Jay added. “By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.”

He stressed that the dispute was over church doctrine, not Pelosi.

“This has nothing to do with American policy. “It all has to do with Vatican policy,” he said. “Are there any political repercussions in San Francisco?” No. There is no voter in the Pelosi district who refuses to support him because of this. In fact, there are probably thousands of people who will join him for this reason. “

The struggle over whether politicians who advocate for abortion should receive the Sacrament has gone on for many years, deepening and flowing.

The late Cardinal Edward Egan of New York publicly said that he “understood” the then mayor Rudolf W. With Giuliani, who will not try to receive the Sacrament. It became known in 2008, when Julian received the sacrament during his papal visit to New York, և Egan said that it should not be allowed.

In 2009, Thomas Tobin, Bishop of Rhode Island, banned the then R. Patrick Kennedy of Communion for supporting abortion rights. A few months earlier, some conservative Catholics had sharply criticized Cardinal Sean P. of Boston. O’Malley for attending the funeral of Patrick Kennedy’s father, Senator Edward Kennedy, for supporting abortion rights.

While the Catholic Church strongly opposes abortion rights, American Catholics share the same views as the rest of the country.

Nationwide, about 60% of Americans say abortion should be legal in all cases (19%) or most (42%), while about 40% say it should be illegal, with some exceptions ( 29%) or in all illegal cases (8). %), according to a recent large-scale survey by the Pew Research Center.

The division between Catholics is similar. 56% of Catholics say abortion should be legal in all (13%) or most (43%) cases, while 42% think it should be illegal with some exceptions (32%) or illegal in all cases. (10%), found by Pew.

The views of white-Latin American Catholics are almost identical. A poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute found that 59% of white Catholics said abortion should be legal in all or most cases, while 57% of Latino Catholics said the same.

For most Catholics, the teachings of the church are not central to their decision about abortion. Four out of 10 Catholics say religion can be “too much” or “too much” to shape their views on abortion, according to Pew. This contradicts white Evangelical Protestants, 73% of whom say that religion is too much or too important to formulate their views. Evangelicals are now the biggest force in the anti-abortion movement.

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