Ar’s orbit captures dazzling images of Ar’s chaotic activity

Ar, as seen by Solar Orbiter.:

Ar, as seen by Solar Orbiter.
Image:: ESA և NASA / Solar Orbiter / EUI Team:

We are flushing the latest image dump of the Solar Orbiter mission. These incredible pictures and videos taken as March approaches highlight the terrifying power of this probe to show us our host star in a whole new light.

The Solar Orbiter approached the Sun, known as the perihelion, on March 26. The spacecraft, has started In February 2020, it is a joint project of ESA and NASA. It studies Ar using a number 10 tools, including Extreme Ultraviolet Imager, which made most of the images seen here. The mission of the orbit is to help us understand heliosphere studying phenomena such as solar wind և The sun’s magnetic field.

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