Arthritis Pain և sleep

pain Arthritis It is difficult for many to have a good night sleep. Worse, jumping and turning at night can actually increase pain perception.

“There is a reciprocal relationship between pain and poverty sleep. Poorer people sleep“The more pain they have,” says K. Fontaine, PhD, Rheumatology Assistant, Johns Hopkins University. “If people are back Arthritis “They can improve the quality of their sleep. They can usually reduce their daily pain.”

Here are eight tips for sleeping better with arthritis experts.

1. Do not lie down to sleep with joint pain

Arthritis pain can be managed at all times, but it is especially important at bedtime. “If you sleep with pain, you are almost certain to have difficulty sleeping,” says Fontaine. Try to arrange yours medication schedule so that it provides maximum relief when you want to go to bed. Avoid activities that cause flare-ups of arthritis in the evening. “Some people with arthritis sleep better after taking a hot shower before going to bed or using an electric blanket to relax. joint pain“- says Andrew Lew, PT, DPT, Clinical Professor, University of California, San Francisco.

2. Avoid stimulants before going to bed

It is unlikely that consuming coffee or other caffeinated beverages in the late hours can interfere with sleep. But many are unaware of its other hidden sources caffeine, including cola և some painkillers that are prescribed without a prescription. Always check the labels to make sure you do not receive them caffeine. Tea also contains stimulants that can wake some people up when they want to sleep. Evening herbal teas are a great choice if you have trouble sleeping. Alcohol can help some people fall asleep, but too much can interfere with midnight sleep, leaving you awake and shaken.

3. Cope with everyday stress

The inevitable stresses of everyday life can also interfere with sleep. Of course, you can not eliminate them all, but you can replace them. “One of the strategies is to avoid stressful activities or thoughts before going to bed,” says Fontaine. “Do not watch the news if it irritates you. Do not pay bills. Do not make a list of all the things you have to do tomorrow. ” Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as the one or two hours before you start at bedtime. Listen to music. To read a book. Work on the hobby as long as it relaxes you. If you’re still worried, use some relaxation techniques, such as: meditation or progressive relaxation.

4. Exercise for arthritis և to sleep

Be as active as possible during the day. This will strengthen your muscles and joints և it can help you get so tired from sleeping. Activity has been shown to relieve stress, which promotes restful sleep. Being active is not always easy when you have arthritis. However, actions such as: to swimwater Aerobics, and moderate walking is possible for many people with arthritis. “It simply came to our notice then Exercise: earlier in the day because: Exercise: “It can be irritating in itself,” said Fontaine. “But some of our patients like to do some light exercise in the evening, such as walking around the neighborhood to get tired. The best advice is to find what works for you. ”

5. Create a sound bedroom

Book your bedroom to sleep. That way, you can cover yourself with sleep. “Avoid watching TV, reading, working on the computer, or doing other stimulating activities in bed,” says Wilfred Peugeot, PhD, Assistant Professor. Psychiatry Author at the Sleep Neurophysiology Research Laboratory, University of Rochester Sleep manual. Exercise your mind and body to achieve a perfect night’s sleep. “Make the bedroom as comfortable as possible for sleeping. Apply heavy curtains or shades to eliminate distracting lights. “Use headphones if the sound is a problem.”

What is the best type of mattress? Experts say that a medium firm mattress is often best for the lower back back pain. “If you are suffering Knee paintry putting a pillow under or between you knees To relieve the pressure on your joints, ”says Kimberly Top, PhD, Professor, Chair. Physical therapy և Rehabilitation Services at the University of California, San Francisco. “A small pillow under your neck can help straighten your spine and avoid it neck pain while you sleep. Try to find something that makes you comfortable. ”

6. Do not hesitate in bed

This may sound paradoxical, but staying in bed too long can lead to poor sleep. To heal Insomnia, specialists often limit the time people spend in bed. “That way you help make sure that when you go to bed, you are more likely to be sleepy enough to fall asleep,” says Pigeon. “If you lie in bed for more than 15 minutes, unable to sleep, get out of bed and do something that is not stimulating until you are sleepy enough to try to fall asleep again.” The reason is that you will not associate the bed with feeling uncomfortable. Over time, this strategy will help you connect the bed to sleep, not turn it over.

7. Use sleeping pills sparingly

Sleeping pills can help people with acne Insomnia. But if you suffer from a chronic illness Insomnia, which is often true for many people with arthritis, the first line treatment should be better sleep hygiene, says Pigeon. “Medication treats the symptoms. Behavioral medicine can actually cure Insomnia“In fact, some studies show that behavioral medicine may be more effective for many people.” Sleeping pills are often helpful in helping people cope with poor sleep patterns, “says Pigeon. “But when people stop taking them, insomnia often returns if they do not learn better sleep habits.”

8. Incorporate everything into good sleep hygiene

Basic tips on how to promote good sleep habits are sometimes called “sleep hygiene”. Together, they can have a dramatic effect on improving sleep quality.

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