Bachelor Nation’s Becca Tilley has confirmed a romance with Hayley Kyoko after the music video for Cameo – E! online

The summer of love is extra pink Becca Tilly և: Hayley Kyoko.

May 20, c. Bachelor Alum has confirmed his romance with the pop star in a new way Instagram:. “It’s hard to say whether this is a hard or soft release, but it does release,” Becky wrote before adding Hayley’s nickname “# 95p.”

Becca also shared memories of the past few months with Haley. And how? Dagni“Love You Like That” in the background was spotted by fans exchanging kisses.

The post came hours after Hale celebrated the release of her latest hit, “For the Girls,” releasing a music video for the ABC’s hit romantic parody. In the video:Hale is looking for the perfect partner before Becca arrives in a limousine for a surprise finish.

“I love being a woman, women have always had a big impact on my life,” Haley said in a statement. It is the anthem “For Girls” that celebrates this love, emphasizes our strength, beauty and vulnerability. The music video is designed to reflect the celebration with a sense of humor and a broad picture of the romantic story being told. That was so much. “It’s a fun director, especially since it’s one of my favorite reality shows of all time.”

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