Baked coconut shrimp with spring rice and honey butter sauce

Perfectly spring-baked coconut prawns are stacked with steamed pea spots, lemon zest on rice, dripping butter with a nice honey sauce. This is exactly the kind of spring vacation you need.

The combination of this beautiful և perfect spring crab և rice makes us feel that blood on our faces. The sweet crunch of coconut shrimp (with a nice, simple baking method, so it does not smell too crunchy without frying), the bright, sweet, green peas that appear here և everywhere in the light, the lemon. , herbal rice. And then there’s honey butter sauce for sprinkling on holiday-flavored sweet drinks. Plus, everything you need to blow this spring is from ALDI, so you know you get quality, affordable ingredients. WE ARE GREAT.

For those of you who have also experienced the change of seasons, maybe you too are so ready for spring that everyone cries at the thought of it. Here in Minnesota, we are in the infamous “fake spring” where the weather is like this. Okay, here you go. You deserve it! “And then he turns to the right and says,” LOL, JUST JOY, GET READY FOR THE UNDERTAKING HEAT AND SNOW EXTRAORDINARY TOMORROW. “

Our hearts break together, և we feel sorry for the warm, bright and green.

And this spring, the coconut shrimp has accumulated on a pea stain with a lemon steamed rice dripping with honey and butter sauce. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. It stays A + over and over again.

Baked coconut shrimp in a pan

Ingredients for this delicious spring coconut crab

When we want a little spring in our walk և he և in our grocery bags, we always collect our loved ones from our beloved ALDI. Affordable որոշակի High quality seafood (Fremont Fish Market Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp is a great choice for that), beautiful fresh և frozen vegetables և many other seasonal delights. But we also, as always, sell pottery items such as pancakes, coconut flakes and rice. ALDI always has so many ways to brighten our day.

Here are the main hits you will need for this spring flight.

Golden crispy for shrimp.

  • Fremont Fish Market Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp:
  • Chef Cabinet Panko Breadcrumbs:
  • Baker’s Corner Coconut Flakes (sweetened or unsweetened, but sweetened, no doubt enhances the flavor factor).

For spring rice.

  • Specially selected jasmine rice
  • peas (we used frozen Simply Nature organic sweet peas, but you can use fresh or any other green vegetables)
  • lemon juice “peel”
  • herbs or greens
  • garlic

Butter with delicious honey drips and soaks.

Ingredients for coconut shrimp

How to cook baked coconut shrimp

In addition to the fresh, ready-made ingredients of the atcha ALDI style, it is also relatively easy to put them all together. As we said, we love this method of baking shrimp to minimize cleaning but maximize perfect shrimp cooking և crunch factors.

  1. Panko և coconut. Toast the panko և coconut flakes a little in advance in a hot oven to guarantee that golden brown kindness. YUM!
  2. Shrimp. Spread the shrimp in the flour, then in the egg, then in the pancake / coconut mixture և on the pan. Drizzle a little oil over them before baking to bake.
  3. Rice:. Whatever it is How to cook rice you prefer (we used our pressure cooker!) և then add the butter, lemon zest և juice և mix the frozen peas.
  4. Sauce:. Mix all the ingredients of your sauce և try not to drink it right now.

Serve these crispy shrimps on a pile of bright rice, sprinkled with that sweet, honey-butter sauce, և, yes, yes, it already feels warmer here.

Baked coconut shrimp with lemon and honey in a pan

Our love keeps going, going, going for this one

The delicate juiciness of the crab under the firm crunch of the coconut cover, plus a pile of lemon green garlic with garlic և a drop of butter and butter sauce… all this is just freshness և brightness և solid color. It’s one of those dishes that you can look forward to all day long. And again the next day. And maybe we’ll just deliver it every night this week.

So basically we’ve opened a big welcome rug for spring in the form of this coconut և shrimp և rice և we really, really, really hope it’s coming to visit us soon.

Baked coconut shrimp with rice, peas and a slice of lemon

Baked coconut shrimp. Frequently Asked Questions

Does coconut shrimp taste like coconut?

Of course it is! Beautiful sweet coconut flakes with walnuts shine on the shrimp, leaving you with a slightly sweet tropical flavor.

Should I turn the shrimp on or off?

For this recipe we usually remove the tails. However, you can keep the crab tails if you want them to be more of a finger snack. We like to eat them on a plate with a fork, that’s why we took out the tails.

Can I fry shrimp instead of baking?

You can! Pour oil in a medium frying pan տ Fry several shrimps at a medium heat. Make sure your pan is not overloaded. Cook the shrimp for about 2 minutes on each side until they turn a nice golden brown color.


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Perfectly spring-baked coconut prawns are stacked with steamed pea spots, lemon zest on rice, dripping butter with a nice honey sauce. This is exactly the kind of spring vacation you need.

Coconut shrimp

  • 3/4: cup Chef Cabinet Panko Breadcrumbs:
  • 3/4: cup Baker’s Corner Coconut Flakes (sweetened or not sweetened, but I prefer sweetened)
  • 2: eggsbeaten
  • 1/2: cup flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1: pound Fremont Fish Market Jumbo EZ Peel Raw Shrimp:melted, tails removed (see notes)

Spring rice

  • 1: cup Specially selected jasmine ricenot cooked
  • 10:ounce bag Just Nature Sweet Peas
  • lemon juice և: spice
  • herbs or: greens
  • 1: grated cloves garlic
  • 2 tablespoons butter:

Honey butter sauce

  • 4 tablespoons melted butter
  • 2:3: tablespoons honey
  • 1:2: teaspoons Dijon mustard

  1. Preparation: Cook the rice according to the package instructions. (I do this in a pressure cooker)
  2. Toast coconut. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Put pancake և coconut on a baking sheet; Toast for 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until nicely golden brown. After frying your pancake, coconut and leaving the oven, raise the oven temperature to 425 degrees.
  3. Coat the coconut shrimp. Prepare three bowls: one for flour, paprika և salt; one for eggs and one for fried coconut. Spread the individual shrimps in the flour / spice mixture, then in the egg, then squeeze into the pancake until the mixture sticks to the shrimp. (I usually do all Mix the shrimps first in the flour / spices, then dip the egg / pancake to make it a little cleaner). Put the covered shrimp back on the baking sheet. Sprinkle or spray with oil.
  4. Bake the coconut shrimp. Bake the shrimp at 425 for 10 minutes.
  5. Finish the riceAdd peas, lemon juice and flavor, herbs, garlic և butter մեջ to hot rice, gently wrap with a fork to mix. The peas just need to be heated.
  6. Prepare the sauce. Mix the melted butter with honey և Dijon mustard. (And add what you want: red pepper flakes, chili paste, lemon, etc.).
  7. Serve: Serve the shrimp with a pile of rice, sprinkle generously with the sauce. HELLO! So delicious.


I prefer to cook them with the tails removed, because I like to put them on a plate, eat them with rice, and, frankly, removing the tails with each bite is kind of irritating. But if you want it to look a little more luxurious or if you want it to be more of a manicure situation, you can leave the tails.

This amount, as it is written, perfectly feeds my family of 4 (mom, dad, baby, baby) without leftovers. If you serve a larger group or people with a bigger appetite than the little ones, I will double the amount.

  • Preparation time. 25 minutes
  • Cooking time. 20 minutes
  • Category: Supper
  • Method: Bake:
  • Kitchen: American:

Key words: coconut shrimp, baked shrimp, spring shrimp

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One more thing!

This recipe is part of our collection sweet honey recipes. Check it out.

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