Basil Cranberry Julep:

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Add basil masters, agave nectar to the bottom of the jelly cup, then mix gently. Add mescal և cranberry syrup, add straw, then sprinkle with crushed ice. Sprinkle a little cranberry syrup on top, decorate with basil branch, then serve.

To make cranberry syrup.

Add 100% pure unsweetened cranberry juice to a medium-sized pan. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat to boiling. Allow the juice to reduce by half. Remove from the heat, then add the sugar. Mix to dissolve.


The nose is completely fresh basil with the sweetness of smoked cranberries. Delicate fruit cranberry և delicate smoke with a touch of agave nectar. This is a great cocktail for mescal beginners, և just what will refresh you on the first hot day of summer.

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I love juleps:. I love mezcal:. The derby is always close to Cinco de Mayo. See where I’m going with this, the two just had to meet. This one is like dating your two best friends, actually doing it. Earn (no pun). It: mezcal: is a great base for this refreshing, smoky drink. combination agave nectar և: cranberry syrup sweetens things while basil it makes for a slightly different flavor than the familiar mint you might expect.

Perfect for the time between Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo when you are not ready to give up juleps but are starting to think about agave-based spirits. Also, I guarantee you will enjoy this one all summer long.

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