Bauer’s appeal hearing will begin on May 23. Sources:

Avoiders The jury’s appeal hearing is scheduled to begin on May 23, many sources said. Athleticon condition of anonymity, given that the appeal process is confidential.

Bauer is appealing against the disqualification for 324 games on April 29 Major League Baseball Commissar Rob Manfred for breaking league rules Joint policy of domestic violence, sexual harassment and violence against children. He first went on administrative leave in July 2021, after a San Diego woman accused him of sexual harassment during a clash that began as an agreement, which he said turned violent.

Bauer has pleaded not guilty. In February, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office dropped charges against Bauer. The MLB can impose penalties on players under its current policy, even if they have not been charged or convicted of a crime.

The appeals process, sources say, will follow the same steps as any other grievance, as it will take place a few days a month over the next few months, based on the presence of arbitrators. There are three members in the board of arbitrators. one selected by the Major League Baseball, one by the MLB Players’ Association, and an independent arbitrator approved by both parties. The panel will be chosen specifically for Bauer’s case, or whether the independent arbitrator, the same one used for the players’ union complaint during the shortened 2020 season, will remain the same. (That was the dissatisfaction fell during the lockout negotiations.) This procedure for appealing or filing a complaint is based on the provisions of Article 11 of the Law on Sports. Collective agreement.

There are three possible results of arbitrators. reduce Bauer suspension; or save a full 324 games. This is the first time since the league approved a common policy on domestic violence, sexual harassment and child abuse. Bauer’s suspension is also the longest under the policy since it came into force in 2015.

With that in mind, Washington the potential scope of the case is the Washington Post reports last month that the third woman had brought charges against Bauer և participated in the MLB investigation. It is not clear when the verdict will be handed down. The Post also had reports the second charge last summer involving a woman in Kuyahoga County. Bauer also denied the accusations of the two women. Bauer also filed a lawsuit against him Athletic for defamation, for reporting a woman requesting protection.

Numerous sources told The Athletic that the appeal process could be delayed until this summer, and possibly after that.

The league announced its punishment shortly after, Bauer wrote in tweets: I appeal this action, I expect to win. “As we, my representatives, in this process, I respect the confidentiality of the proceedings.”

Bauer is currently on a limited list և not being paid as long as the grievance process is ongoing, although games he misses are now included in the total amount of his disqualification. Prior to the league’s announcement on April 29, Bauer was on administrative leave, which is not to blame – it included his entire salary while the league was conducting its investigation. None of the games he missed on administrative leave counted for his disqualification.

The Dodgers also released their first public comment after his disqualification, saying in a statement to the team on April 29:

Dodgers take all such allegations very seriously, not forgiving or justifying any act of domestic violence or sexual assault. We have fully cooperated with the MLB investigation since its inception,: we fully support the MLB’s policy of joint domestic violence, sexual abuse, child abuse, և the Commission’s policy. We understand that Trevor has the right to appeal the decision of the commissioner. “

The Dodgers have signed Bauer on a three-year, $ 102 million contract until the 2021 season.

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