Beth Midler criticized online for commenting on formula because of lack of formula

Beth Midler is furious when she tells people to “try to breastfeed”, a comment that many consider insensitive to parents who struggle to feed their children amid a nationwide lack of formula.

MSNBC host Stephanie Roll tweeted on Thursday that the system was a “surprisingly secret oligopoly.”

Three percent of U.S. companies control 90 percent of the market, he said, and restrictive lobbying regulations prohibit the sale of foreign formulas.

“Name another industry / industry / product like this,” Roll said.

“TRY TO MAKE A BREASTFEED.” Midler answered. “It’s free և available on request.”

It: lack of resolution, which began in 2020, has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks due to labor shortages և product recalls. Retail Analytical Company Datasembly: reports that 43% of the resolutions were exhausted last week. Abbot Nutrition:The company behind the recall said the delay could last eight to 10 weeks.

Breastfeeding ը Breast milk is not an option for many new parents.

“It’s a pretty heartless, horrible thing to say to women who can’t breastfeed, Beth,” one Twitter user replied. “It’s a lot more common than you think … delete this.”

Author նախկին Former President of AR NARAL Pro-Choice America Alice Hogg responded that when she did not produce enough milk to feed her twins enough.

“Without the formula, I would choose which one to eat,” he said. “Not to mention children who are very little separated from their mothers.”

Another Twitter user said that she “struggled” to breastfeed her son, but eventually switched to formula because it put stress on both her and her baby.

One Twitter user tweeted that while powdered baby formula was widely available, mostly black “wet nurses” fed other people’s babies at their own expense.

“Breastfeeding has NEVER been available անվճար was not available… You have taken breast milk from all moms for երեխաների երեխաների brown babies,” said Twitter user KT8812.

Experts say that breastfeeding will not solve the lack of milk mixture. How Many Babies Can Be Properly Breastfed by Dr. Rebecca Diamond wrote in the last essay that most infants also need to be fed formula to supplement their nutrition. Health factors, limited ability to express milk during the working day երգ Allergies can prevent newborns from giving enough milk to their babies.

“As a society, we can’s promote breastfeeding as a way to support the health of our newborns without a simplistic, dangerous, white-and-white stance,” Diamond wrote.

Midler responded to his tweet on Thursday night.

“People are accumulating because of previous tweets. “It’s not a shame if you can not breastfeed, but if you can եք somehow believe that your own milk is not as good as a ‘scientifically proven product’, it’s another thing.” he said.

He continued. “The news about the monopoly is news to me, but it is not a lie. #WETNURSES “.

His subsequent course was similarly criticized.

“You read a bunch of people’s stories. “Almost everyone says why they did not get breastfeeding. No one I have read says that the reason was that they thought their milk was not good enough.” one of the users. answered. “The recipe saved the lives of many of our children.”

Elizabeth Chuck contributed.

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