Bets “can not be higher.” The head of CISA talks about the upcoming technological challenges ZDNet:

According to the draft, security must be rooted in software development; innovative thinking is required to help protect society from cyber attacks as technology becomes more and more part of our daily lives, warned the head of the US Cyber ​​Security Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

CISA Director Jen Esterley said that while one can focus on today’s cybersecurity issues, one can look to future challenges.

“Bets can not be higher in the next decade, especially in the field of technology and cybersecurity,” he said, warning that it was “possible” to focus on the core values ​​that cybersecurity must establish over the next decade.

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Along with the current challenges facing cyber security, for example ransom և: supply chain attacks – Emerging technologies can bring new threats. For example, the rise Internet of Things (IoT) connected smart cities can provide cyber criminals and other hostile attackers a direct way to disrupt or disrupt the services that people use every day – if it is not formed correctly անից from the first day.

But cybersecurity itself was not the only challenge Isterley pointed out, noting that democracies needed to overcome authoritarian regimes with tomorrow’s basic technologies, face-recognition challenges, and the rise of the quantum computer race in terms of cryptography. Artificial intelligence խ Internet disruption.

“Today’s evolving technology will determine tomorrow’s world. I do not think it is an exaggeration to say that the next 10 years can really determine whether the liberal world order of World War II survives or is more optimistic. “We, as like-minded democratic nations, will continue to prosper,” he said.

“Are we going to lead the development of smart technologies, the growth of smart cities, not only in terms of security by design, but in terms of privacy,” Isterli said in a video address to the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC). Cyber ​​UK Conference in Newport, Wales.

The same can be asked software և supply chains. Many major cyber security incidents are starting Newly discovered zero-day cyber security vulnerabilities – When they are discovered, patches become available to organizations may be slow to pull them outmaking them vulnerable to attackers.

By providing design support: a process where applications and software are created primarily with cyber security in mind – The technologies used by everyone can be safer and more secure against cyber attacks.

“Will we work together to finally lead the way in building a technological ecosystem to make sure our software, our systems, our networks, our supply chain, are secure and flexible with a design that a decade later? “Isn’t a major invasion or a new zero-sum vulnerability an exception or the norm?”

“The answer to all these questions can be, yes, they should be yes, but only if we make aggressive investments in our alliances, in our people, in global standards that reflect the core values ​​we hold dear. in the nations that bind us. “Together,” he added.


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