Biden Announces Steps to Help Farmers Cut Food Costs in Illinois

WASHINGTON – President Joe Biden On Wednesday, he visited a family farm in Illinois, where he announced the steps his administration is taking to reduce farming costs. food.

The president announced that his administration would expand double-crop insurance, allowing farmers to sow a second crop on the same land in the same year. He also announced that the government would increase technical assistance to farmers and double funding for domestic fertilizer production.

The visit came after data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that inflation in April was 8.3%, which is partly due to rising food prices. Chicken milk prices have risen by 15 percent compared to last year, while beef and flour prices have risen by 14 percent, the report showed.

Biden said that the Covid-19 epidemic և Russia’s invasion of Ukraine contributed to the disruption of the supply chain, rising food prices, shortages in the United States and abroad.

“At the moment, the Americans are fighting on two fronts. Inflation at home ացումը price increase. “Abroad, it helps Ukrainians defend their democracy, feed those who are hungry around the world because of Russian atrocities.”

As Ukraine’s Russia accounts for about 30 percent of world wheat exports, international aid organizations have warned that millions are at risk of starvation, especially in Africa and the Middle East. Biden said the United States was working to address those shortcomings.

“We can be sure that American agricultural exports will fill the gap in Ukrainian supplies,” he said.

Biden’s visit to the Middle East is part of a broader effort to show that his administration is taking steps to overthrow him. inflationan issue that Republicans have focused on in their by-elections.

Later Wednesday, Biden vowed to “tackle inflation” in a speech at the International Brotherhood of Electricity Convention.

Biden has pressured Congress to take steps that he says will reduce the cost of prescription drugs included in the Build Back Better program, which stalled last year. Opposition from Senator Joe ManchinDW.Va.

At the beginning of the week, to the President made a speech about his efforts to curb inflation, arguing that Republican lawmakers do not have a specific program to address the problem.

Biden blamed what he called “Putin’s rise in prices” for the current US economic situation, saying that the war in Ukraine had led to record inflation and high gas prices.

Biden announced last month that he was planning to to stimulate the production and sale of ethanol gasoline In order to reduce high gas prices in the conditions of rising inflation. He said the Environmental Protection Agency would issue an emergency waiver to lift the summer ban on mixed fuels.

Zoe Richards contributed.

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