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Add: Camp:, Early և: Internet Branch: in a frozen mixing glass. Add a pinch of kosher salt և mix to dissolve. Add ice և: mix: until well cooled. Squeeze into a glass of iced cocktail. Grapefruit oil is rolled on the drink, then discarded.


Fragile. Bitter citrus, caramel, brine on the nose. Flat on the tongue, Bottecchia is light on the forehead, followed by an explosion of herbs, citrus, soil and raisins. The finish is fresh, with a mint և bitter salty taste that stays on your tongue. This is surprisingly lighter than you might expect given its components. The color is also beautiful, dark and ink.



Botekia comes Harvest: from: Colt և Gray In Denver, Co.

I should to confess that I had a love-hate relationship with Botekia enough time. It sounded perfect on paper, mega replaced Negro: consists of my 3 favorite ingredients. Early for vermouth (this has been done several times before) և Internet Branch: instead of gin… You read that right, instead of gin. Only: Camp: left. Adding salt և Grapefruit twist. I mean, come on, this sounded great.

In addition, I have made many such drinks before, Soil Infusionwhich contained 3 components Botekia as well as bone: (mostly bitter earth vermouth). I was a big fan Soil Infusion (It actually drained most of my Bonal at the time.) What could be wrong?

Wanting to try, I mixed it up Botekia It was: shocked to what extent? I did not like it. How can you combine the 3 things I love that taste like stupidity? I could not believe it. Naturally, I thought there was something is wrong to my taste. Thus I kept trying itagain and again and again, in times when you were in the mood for something “different»: There is no success. Eventually I got to the point where I found it tolerable at room temperature, but not yet a fan of frozen end products.

Botekia 4:

So what does it give? Why am I posting a drink I can’t stand? Well guys, this is perfect lesson: to your taste develop over time. I was gone Botekia Some time ago, with a whim, he fired again recently. Waiting for me to be disappointed again, I took a sip and cursed if I did not like it. I could not believe I was finally approaching it.

It makes sense to think about it. I was not a big fan of it Camp:or: Internet:or even Genie: in the beginning. It takes time to develop a taste for some things, I’ll be the first to admit that some of my favorite drinks are definitely acquired taste. The thing is, when you taste them, you to desire them. Just ask any self-proclaimer Fernetophiles outside. Botekia was no different. The taste is just quite unique և a little different և it takes some time to wrap your head (և tongue). In the end, I’m really glad I did.

The morality of history. do not write off cocktails or ingredients if you do not like them at first. You can be: surprised what you develop is the taste. I hope you will Botekia chance. I know I will make much more than this one.

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