Boutique Homestay |: Kanha, Madhya Pradesh | AKANKSHA REDHU

I had the pleasure of visiting a beautiful home Kanha, Member of Parliament (MIAGO Partner) Late last year on the border of the Kanha Tiger Reserve (near the Mukki Gate). And I have some shocking photos from my visit that I just could not do without sharing them here բ

The tiger sanctuary had not yet opened for the season, so we could not go on safari in the depths of the forest, but we had to enjoy some wonderful scenery in the vicinity. Sunsets strike very differently during the monsoon season. Slow family life, young boys playing football next to a beautiful pool, really good Blue Tokai coffee All the way here, literally nowhere, walk through the tall grass, with insanely delicious food prepared by the couple running the house, a tribal wedding, a scamp dog, hundreds of collected beer bottles shown above. bookshelves. Somehow everything was so comfortable և easy. It was as if we were returning home. It was nice!

You can, of course, book your vacation here MIAGO website HERE բոլոր Get all the other details and information you can look for. I’re just sharing photos here that still manage to steal some of my heart 🙂

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