Broadway Theater installs IR camera system to catch spectators trying to capture nude scenes

Earlier this week, someone posted on his cell phone the actor nominated for the Tony nomination, Jesse L. Videos of Williams գործընկեր his partner Michael Oberholzer made during the nude scene where they play Take Me Out. deadline reports that the Second Stage Theater, where the play is performed on Broadway, has taken steps to keep cell phones out of the audience during the play, demanding the use of Yondr bags, which supposedly close cell phones when someone is is in a restricted area.

It is not known if anyone opened the bag (there are many videos on the Internet that show how to open bags without a licensed magnet designed to open or close them) or just smuggled a device :

a announcement: The post published on the theater’s Twitter says: “It is highly unacceptable to take a nude photo of someone without their consent. It could have serious legal consequences,” he said, calling it a “gross, unacceptable breach of trust between the actor and the audience” falsified in the theatrical community. »

Now the theater spokesman said deadline and New York Times: that it has installed a new infrared camera for the audience, monitored by security to see if anyone is trying to use a recording device. The director of the second stage of production Peter Dean told Times: The new system adds point, tilt, and zoom capabilities to their existing measurements so they can focus on one person and see if they are actually good.

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