Bucks-Celtics Game 5 was an instant classic that will determine the NBA playoffs

It: Milwaukee Bucks և: Boston Celtics Everyone is able to win the championship this season. Each contributed to their second series in 2022 NBA playoffs intuitively understands it. The Celtics have been the hottest team in the league since February, with a historically good defense. Baxi proved himself by winning last year’s title. It seems wrong that one of these teams will see the end of its season in the second round, but it only helps to make this match feel more seismic.

This was already the most influential series of the second round, even before the 5th game, which historically seems to be the most meaningful play-off game, at least before the 7th game. When the NBA playoff series draws 2-2, the team. whoever wins the 5th game wins the series 83% of the time. As the series prepares to return for Milwaukee’s 6th game, there is no denying that Wednesday night’s match will be monumental.

Bucks-Celtics Game 5 not only made a splash, it gave us an instant classic that can be remembered for years to come. Milwaukee’s 110-107 victory, a decisive 3-2 lead, showed everything that a great playoff game should have, plus much more.

The Celtics are 14 points ahead in the fourth quarter. Milvuk did not hold the lead from the beginning of the second quarter, it seemed that he did not have enough offensive force to win the game. Every moment of the fourth quarter was frozen in time, but somehow reigning champion Bucks played more on the field to make it.

This game could be a turning point for Janis’s era

Giannis Antetokunmpo established himself as the best player in the world during the 2021 championship campaign. Antetokunmpo suffered a horrific knee injury in the fourth final of the Archelian Conference but returned. NBA Finalsև took his team out of the pit of the 0-2 series to win the championship. Antetokunmpo scored 50 points, 14 rebounds and five blocks in the 6th game of the title to be the winner of the Bux. When it was over, he Larry O’Brien hits the title at a fast food outlet.

Janis already had two MVP և Defender of the Year titles last season, but seeing him win the ring, it seemed like it was officially confirmed as the best live basketball player. It does look like Janice’s League right now, but the margin error is small even for the greatest of all time.

Boston are absolutely capable of knocking out Bucks, especially when Milwaukee missed one of his “big three” when Chris Middleton came out with a knee injury. The Celtics, of course, can still win this series, and it will not be a surprise to see them win the title. But given how historic it was to win Game 5, it certainly seems that Bucks is in control now.

The Celtics could have shattered the idea that this was the Janissary era by winning Game 5. They had the game in their hands. Somehow the Bucks came back, և the best player in the country won by 40 points և 11 rebounds.

The Celtics feel like a better team during this series, but there is no denying that Janis is the best player on the floor. At this point, he begins to feel that winning the championship means going through Janis.

Water Holiday played 2 superhuman games to win

Holiday has always felt like one of the most underrated stars of its generation before last season. He’s arguably the best defender of the era, he’s capable of scoring 20 or 25 points overnight. Last year, Holliday played several giant games to win the Bucks title, and now he has one more brilliant moment for his legacy.

When the Celtics were one step behind եց the ball bounced 11 seconds ago, Marcus Smart received an inbound pass և turned the corner in search of the main game. He would not have done it if it were not for Holliday, who hurried to close the shot from behind պահել to somehow hold it inside before throwing it smartly to turn it into the Baxi ball. This is really all a timer.

After the Bucks made a few free throws, giving the advantage three points, Smart received an incoming pass, the ball raised to the floor. Holiday was there to greet him and steal the ball to secure Milwaukee’s victory.

It’s a legendary way to win a huge game. What Holiday did was legally historic.

There were so many incredible games in this game

Holiday’s defensive gems will probably be the performances that will stand the test of time from this 5th game, but there were many other game-changing moments.

What about this fourth quarter of Jason Tatum’s knife?

Then there was the ridiculous Al Horford Memorial, which moved Boston to No. 6 with just two minutes left in the regular season.

Janis was 2 of 16 out of 3 points in this series, entering the 5th game. Janis’s trio usually have a hard time taking the Bux fans away, but after Horford’s memorial knife he hit a huge triple, reducing the deficit to less than two minutes. the rest. Holiday followed, scoring one tough three, leveling the game to the next.

Finally, there was the failure of Bobby Portis after Janis’s free throw, which finally pushed Bux forward. Milvuk hit Boston’s offensive glass all night, և this was the one that really hurt.

Milvuk won the offensive 17-5. In the fourth quarter, “Bucks” scored from the range of three points against 6. Again, for both of these teams, the margin of error is so small.

The 5th game will be a turning point in any case.

If Milwaukee wins the series, unfortunately, if Milwaukee repeats itself as champions, we will look back on this game as a real turning point. If Boston returns to this series or even to win the championship, we will point out this 5th game և say that the Celtics were able to get off the floor նել stand back after such an emotional defeat.

We were lucky to witness it as basketball fans. The 6th game is in Milwaukee on Friday. Do not miss.

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