Buffalo shooting’s ugly culmination of California’s “big replacement” theory

It started in California չի has not stopped yet.

On Saturday, a heavily armed 18-year-old white man rolled into a Buffalo supermarket, mostly in the New York neighborhood of New York. .

He parked the car, then opened fire.

“This is the worst nightmare any community can face,” Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown said on Saturday.

Most of the victims, like the mayor, were black. Authorities say Peyton Gendron from Conklin, New York, killed at least 10 people, injured three others, some shopping and others working at Tops Friendly Market.

Surprisingly, such violence can happen anywhere in America these days, it usually does.

But that’s the explanation for the white supremacy this time around, revealed in a manifesto that authorities believe Gendron uploaded, which should be very familiar to Californians.

He is a supporter of the so-called “big replacement” theory. According to authorities, Gendron had to drive about 200 miles with a high-powered rifle to shoot innocent blacks, as white Americans are “replaced” by people of color.

In many ways, this really ugly conspiracy theory has some roots right here in Golden State in the 1990s.

It was a time when Republicans, desperate to retain political power, spread fear and paranoia about the millions of Mexican immigrants who wanted to. how dare they. – resources and rights, ան the inevitable decline of the state’s white population.

These were the years of the upbringing of Santa Monica native Steven Miller, who grew up to be President Trump’s disgusting, senior immigrant-hating adviser.

Of course, the real origin of the “big replacement” theory is much older inextricably linked to anti-Semitism, in the sense that white supremacists accuse Jews of non-white immigration. Then chanted “Jews will not replace us” և “You will not replace us” chants by racists with lady torches the night before the “Unite for Right” rally in Virginia in 2017.

The theory now claims that not only is America becoming more diverse, which is absolutely true, but that some secret Kabbalah of the elite Democrats is plotting to bring in immigrants in every way possible to “replace” white Christians. to turn American politics into a secular, multicultural liberal image. Like California.

Do not think that Latin American voters often become conservative, as we saw in the 2020 presidential election, when Trump received a larger share of that demographic electorate than in 2016.

It never stops.

“Diversity is not a force,” Gendron wrote. according to the sections of the manifesto which the authorities say he uploaded և are now swimming online. “Unity, purpose, trust, traditions, nationalism, racial nationalism give strength.”

We now know from that manifesto that Gendron drove about 200 miles from his home to the Buffalo supermarket because it was located in a large blackout district, authorities said.

Along with racist anti-immigrant statements, the manifesto outlined how he planned to kill as many blacks as possible, authorities said. That he was going to shoot a security guard at the entrance before shooting black people. Every corridor knew that he had studied the plan. What he ate for dinner.

The FBI is investigating what happened as a “hate crime, racially motivated extremism.” Erie County Sheriff John Garcia called the motive for the shooting “pure evil.”

This is also a widespread, white supremacist ideology that has become central.

Late last year, survey: The Associated Press-NORC Public Relations Research Center found that about a third of American adults believe that efforts are being made to “replace” US-born Americans with immigrants.

In addition, about 3 in 10 believe that additional immigration will have an economic, political, or cultural impact on the loss of Native Americans, presumably white Americans.

Not surprisingly, according to the poll, Republicans are more likely than Democrats to share these views. One reason is that irresponsible conservative experts continue to push for the “big replacement” theory as an explanation for everything from job losses in the Middle East to rising painkillers overdose for painkillers.

As Thacker Carlson told Fox News last April. “I know the Left և all the little goalkeepers on Twitter are literally hysterical if you use the term ‘replacement’, if you assume the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, voters are now voting with new people. with more obedient voters from the Third World. “But they’re hysterical because that ‘s what’ s really going on.”

It’s a lie, it’s ridiculous, it’s dangerous, especially in the age of social media. And yet, it never stops, even here.

As always, California was the first, in this case, the first state to face these new population shifts. Political rhetoric was the backlash to the alleged “replacement” of paranoia, the drive for inclusiveness.

Many thought we had passed it by.

Now, decades later, as the rest of the country becomes more like California, it is clear that we are not.

You don’t even have to go to Buffalo. Just go to Placer ները the foothills of the Sierra in the El Dorado area, and you will hear longtime whites worrying about the “liberals” in the San Francisco Bay Area who are called people of color.

On Saturday, Bishop Al Sharpton urged the White House to meet with slain, Jewish-American leaders to “emphasize the federal government.” [is] intensifying its efforts against hate crimes. ”

President Biden said the nation “must do everything in its power to put an end to hate terrorism” and called for a thorough investigation.

“The crime of racially motivated hatred is disgusting to the structure of this nation,” Biden said, despite all the logic, reason and history.

NAACP President Derrick Johnson stated that “hatred and racism have no place in America.”

Only time will tell whether any of these statements will be more than just “thoughts and prayers.”

It is clear that we can no longer continue to view white supremacy as a one-off crime committed by supposedly lone wolves suffering from mental health problems. Nor can we continue to allow conservative experts, Republican politicians, who directly or indirectly encourage adherence to the theory of “great substitution” or any other provision of racism or extremism.

We have seen what happens when we allow such things to happen. We saw it in California in the 1990s, and its repercussions remain here today.

A Buffalo city council member on Saturday described the supermarket where so many people were killed as a “historic African-American street” in a strong community a few miles from the city.

I have set foot in Tops Friendly Markets all my life. The chain that once stood out on the streets of my native Cleveland was almost always filled with black buyers who were worried about replacing milk in their refrigerators rather than people.

“The depth of pain that families feel,” said Mayor Brown, “that we all feel right now can not even be explained.”

Make it stop.

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